Friday, February 25, 2011

It may only be the 2nd month of the year, but we think it's BBQ time!

For those of you who have ever been to Karma Towers during the summer you may already be aware of the traditions of our Meat Friday. Although we are only at the beginning of 2011 when the meat feelings start to stir who are we to ignore it!

Armed with our meat stirrings catering for 36 was prepared, cooked, wolfed down and is now slowly being digested by most of the 31 Vernon Street inhabitants so if you are popping in to see us today and we look a little misty eyed, this may be why.

A big thumbs up to all who, cooked, created, and ate the delicious feast including the team who wrote on the plates (how else would people know what they were allowed?), great concoctions of salads to help push the meat loads down (both pasta and boiled potatoes for the salads were cooked on site - we don't skimp on the good stuff) and the genius that decided to shout us some beer. After all it would be rude not too!

So now that the official Meat Friday opening ceremony has commenced, if you happen to be around our humble residence on the last Friday of a given summer month (yes we have done these in the rain and come to think of it, the snow), I suggest you come armed with three and a half English pounds and get your name on the list before the meat fund closes.