Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday, So It Must Be A Post About Food

This lunchtime at 1.00 we're all off to Cookes for Pie & Mash.

If you live outside of London or indeed the UK this plate of food may look a bit odd and not particularly appetising.

But you would be so, so wrong.

Why not come along?

Or follow us on twitter at #goodworkspieandmash

We'll also be having a live webcast of the event and will be hosting a webinar with leading industry thinkers straight after.

Or you can 'like' this activity in the facebook group 'We're all having pie & mash'.

We've also got a clairvoyant coming along to do a live (ish) seance.

And we'll be sewing a piece of tapestry after to commemorate the occasion.

*Note: Only some of the above may be true