Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Calm Down, Calm Down, It's Only An Ad

Well, we all like to cause a stir with our ad campaigns don't we? Get them talked about, written about etc. Apparently all publicity is good publicity and the best ads polarise opinion blah blah blah.

So here's a funny piece that we just had to bring to your attention. We did a nice little campaign for The History Channel's 'Just Another Day' the ... other day ... and everyone seemed pretty happy.

Then we were hit by the acerbic wit and repartee of the Daily/Sunday Star's TV critic. Unfortunately I don't have the original, so I've done a cut-and-shut job. As you'll see, poor old Adam Hart-Davis comes in for a bit of stick.

What has the poor bloke ever done to our proud nation other than encourage us to get our tax returns in on time and present history in a more entertaining manner? Perhaps it was because we took his top off on one of the posters and had him in his skimpy nightware in the other. It must have offended the Daily Star's sensibilities. How queer...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For Queen and Country

The Imperial War Museum has a very nice exhibition on at the moment.

And if you pop along or buy the book, you'll be able to appreciate our delightful anti-war poster which occupies pride of place, alongside some of the world's more infamous political propaganda. Good company to keep, good exhibition. Go see and give the poster a kiss - we won't prosecute.

Rot Blog 9: Speechless

Our rotting chums are still here and the whiff is pretty overpowering. I think we're into week 17 at the moment, which is quite an incredible feat. I'm not sure what more we can say that we haven't already banged on about before. They are nasty, disgusting and smelly, but somehow beautiful. I've tried getting through to those book of records blokes to get some rot-orientated record or something, but they're not biting. If you're ever in the area and fancy a rotty fumble, give them a squeeze by all means. See it as a sort of pilgrimage. Nice.

Welcome to Hell 5: Look At The Size Of It!

Just in case you thought it had all gone nice and quiet here, thought you might like a quick update on the size of the gawd awful structure thing being built outside our window. To the sound of a constant 'TAP TAP DRIIIZZ BANG BANG EEEERRRRGGGGHHH', us happy Karma people ply our trade. The foundations have been laid, what looks like an underground carpark ('Darling I couldn't possibly work anywhere I couldn't park the Merc') has been built, and those little blighters have been hard at it, getting higher, higher and higher. But we'll be off soon to pastures new (don't know where yet, probably Balham at this rate) and the new tenants who will be paying an unholy amount of cash will have the pleasure of our friendly Pot Noodle eating neighbours. Unlucky.

Summer Party (Late) 07

By golly, it's been a right long time since we last wrote. It's all go here, very busy, lots of meetings, a couple of chuckles and some funny Autumn footwear.
But, above and beyond all that, I felt I just had to show you a few of our piccies from our rather late summer party.
This year's theme was a Karma treasure hunt around our great capital whilst travelling on a Duck Boat. If you've never been on one, do, but take a cushion and some waterproofs.

I won't go into too much detail other than to say we had to get up to all sorts of mischief including getting as many people as possible in a phone box, finding a dog and dressing it up, giving one of the beasts of Trafalger Square a rogering from behind, hanging off a tree, a company looki-likey (in this case Phil) and, to top it all off, the best 'aquatic' photo, won hands down by Jono and Craig who, in the pouring rain, put on trashy tourist pants and went for a swim in the Trafalger Square fountains.

Blimey, what a day. It all finished off with a very nice dinner indeed in some part of gentrified South London where the muggers say please before robbing you. All this organised by the lovely ladies at Karampharma, Hattie, Sarah, Gina and Alice.