Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Calm Down, Calm Down, It's Only An Ad

Well, we all like to cause a stir with our ad campaigns don't we? Get them talked about, written about etc. Apparently all publicity is good publicity and the best ads polarise opinion blah blah blah.

So here's a funny piece that we just had to bring to your attention. We did a nice little campaign for The History Channel's 'Just Another Day' the ... other day ... and everyone seemed pretty happy.

Then we were hit by the acerbic wit and repartee of the Daily/Sunday Star's TV critic. Unfortunately I don't have the original, so I've done a cut-and-shut job. As you'll see, poor old Adam Hart-Davis comes in for a bit of stick.

What has the poor bloke ever done to our proud nation other than encourage us to get our tax returns in on time and present history in a more entertaining manner? Perhaps it was because we took his top off on one of the posters and had him in his skimpy nightware in the other. It must have offended the Daily Star's sensibilities. How queer...