Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome to Hell 5: Look At The Size Of It!

Just in case you thought it had all gone nice and quiet here, thought you might like a quick update on the size of the gawd awful structure thing being built outside our window. To the sound of a constant 'TAP TAP DRIIIZZ BANG BANG EEEERRRRGGGGHHH', us happy Karma people ply our trade. The foundations have been laid, what looks like an underground carpark ('Darling I couldn't possibly work anywhere I couldn't park the Merc') has been built, and those little blighters have been hard at it, getting higher, higher and higher. But we'll be off soon to pastures new (don't know where yet, probably Balham at this rate) and the new tenants who will be paying an unholy amount of cash will have the pleasure of our friendly Pot Noodle eating neighbours. Unlucky.