Friday, January 30, 2009

Karmarama Jewelery

I think this is the last of the Karmarama's of the world posts. Although I know there is a Karmarama cafe in a park in Brent somewhere but it's too far north for me.

When we shocked the establishment and moved to cutting edge and cool Kensington* we found we were actually the second Karmarama in W14. The first, Karmarama the jewelery stand is in High Street Kensington tube station and is run by a very nice lady selling what seems to be very nice bits and bobs for your body. It looks shut down in the photo I took this morning, but I am assured it's still a thriving business (she just gets in a little later on Fridays). Anyhows, another nice Karmarama of the world who no doubt believe in being nice to people and playing ping-pong.

*not quite true

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Super Hero Tuesday

You may know from reading this award winning blog* that we're quite fond of fancy dress and love a good old impromptu dress up. Besides, this time in January can be really quite boring with at least half the agency on beer and wine amnesty. So for part of a recent in house production (which will air on a Bulgarian TV dating channel later in the spring**) Sid donned his infamous Captain Cock costume and Josh painted himself with Chlorine.

* this is not an award winning blog.
** this channel may not exist.

Karmarama the band

Now my french is rather limited but if I'm not mistaken the website states that Karmarama's music is inspired by the mystical melodies of nature and the scents of the forest!? They look like a funny bunch this Karmarama, but you can't argue that the tunes are disturbingly relaxing. Although I am not quite sure if they fit with their communications which promise 'world, pop or jazz'. Peace.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Karmarama is good for you. Fact.

Karmarama is one of Emma and Tom's fruit juices. The company is from Australia and Australian owned. They support Australian fruit, vegetable and botanical producers and use their products as often as they can.

From the nutrional information below, it is clear to see that Karmarama is amazingly good for you.

And according to their website, 'Karmarama has a hefty dose of vitamins A and C with orange, pineapple and mango juices. Banana has been added to boost your energy, while passionfruit has been thrown in to keep you calm. Siberian and Korean ginseng are believed to improve performance, stamina, energy and digestion'.

All in all, it seems Karmarama gives you at least 7 of your 5 a day!

The Karmarama- The sleepy hippies of Startopia

Dave will correct me on this, but I believe when a journalist googled Karmarama after seeing the Make tea not war poster on the anti-war march, he came across the Karmaramans of Startopia before us. He consequently, in his article attributed the source of the poster to the online hippie commune.

Wikipedia says, StarTopia is a computer game from Mucky Foot Productions and published by Eidos in 2001, in which the player administrates various space stations with the task of developing them into popular hubs. (We don't understand either!).

What we do know is that The Karmarama are a happy-go-lucky bunch who have a love of farming that supersedes all but their passion for catching Z's. They have four arms (like us), purple, dread-locks and work exclusively as farmers and environmentalists on the game, turning empty fields into verdant forests.

Its seems the Karmarama of Startopia are a nice bunch. Whats more they are peace-loving and laid back. They groove in time with the Sirens, and eat and sleep a lot more than other species.

They're actually a lot like us.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Karmarma the album

Karmarama is the second album of Irish pop band Picturehouse.

It was released by the label East West in 1998 and went Platinum within a month. The Dublin based band first came to real prominence via the Irish music scene in the late 90's with their independently released debut album 'Shinebox'. As a result they soon found themselves getting invites from big name acts to join them on tour including; The Corrs, Mel C, Texas, Runrig, Bon Jovi, The Divine Comedy and the one and only Meat Loaf!

To launch Karmarama, the band toured Europe for a massive 2 years and according to Dave Browne (lead singer and song writer) 'it's where the madness really happened!'. Sunburst, a track off the album went down a storm and subsequently spent 8 weeks at 18 in the Irish charts. Watch it below...

Buy the album here and find out more about the band here. Rumour has it they are re-recording an album set for release very soon...

Next up, Karmarama; the happy go lucky farmers of Startopia.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Karmarama's of the world

You would think that due to how insanely difficult and annoying it is to spell out Karmarmaama over the phone to people, that very few others would decide that Karmarama would make a great name for their company.

Behold though, there are many other Karmarama's of the world. And it made us realise that many (actually not that many!) of you may well be reading this blog in the belief these are stories about a jewellery stand in High Street Kensington tube station, a French restaurant and spa band, the blog for the Irish band Picture House's latest album, a cafe in Brent, a flavour of fruit juice in Australia, a clothes shop in Australia or a happy go lucky bunch of farmers on the game Startopia. So, we apologise for the confusion and just to clear things up, this week we are going to talk about all the other Karmarama's of this world. Enjoy.

Christmas party look-a-likes

Found these photos this morning tucked away next door to the photo gallery from the Karmararmy Kristmas party. Some inspired work from Dave is just too good not too share with you. So here are some more pics from the party next door to their celebrity look-a-likes.

My personal favourite; Craig and Jimmy MacElroy from Blades of Glory separated at birth

With Aaron now gone, Tom takes over as the agency's Freddie Mercury look-a-like.

Hattie borrowed Robin's clothes for the night and went as Pete the pirate

Ben dons the cork tache for the Dastardly look

And finally Ben and Dave recreate the scene from Elf.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It has been a while...

I know you missed us and thank you for all the Christmas cards you kindly sent us. We are back (all be it a little fatter) so look forward to some 2009 karmaramazing blogging. Here is a selection of photos from our Christmas party to enjoy. So enjoy.

Ben kicked off the speeches.

Sid kicked off the fancy dress.

Dave's inaugural Christmas speech.

Enjoyed by the girls...

...and the boys.

Hattie and her poorly back took the back seat of the bus.

Liam and Kream with their jugs of beer at the restaurant.

Nicola with hers.

Craig and Juli on the bells.

Jono and Dave enjoying Craig's solo on the bells.

We brought a picture of Caroline on a stick with us as the real one was bed ridden.

And then we hit the cabaret club (with no cabaret!).

It was all good.