Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who needs Tony Kaye?

Last week the History Channel team went on one of Karmarama's most shoots. No expense was spared on the location:
(our garage)

Or the special effects:
(I'm told that isn't polystyrene and boot polish but something a bit more technical)

We invested in some of film's biggest talent
(aw bless!)

And even the shoot food included, all agreed, some of the finest gourmet delights known to the stars of stage and screen.

(chips and non specific meat items)

It's like the excesses of the 1980s all over again.

But seriously, look at the realism of this shot of a little child miner down the pit (soon to be hitting a digital escalator panel somewhere near you).
Who needs Tony Kaye?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where can I take you Guv'nor?

Its the school holidays so obviously the rise of kids driving taxis over the summer is on the increase.

Bodeans 2- The rematch

Friday saw the largest take away in the history of the Fulham Broadway Bodeans- We ordered a massive 17 combo platters (half chicken, pulled pork, spare ribs, coleslaw and chips) and then spent the day putting teeth to bone.

Ray officially opened the meat-a-thon (due to him missing out last time)

'The athletes'

Ribs, chips and coleslaw

Lots of chicken

Meat time.

Saying goodbye to Gina and Rod

Its never nice saying goodbye to your mates but it was made slightly easier with a load cocktails, some sunshine and a bit of sushi.

Gina and Gemma

Sarah and Rod

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dapper Thursday

To mark the sad saying of goodbyes to Rod and Gina today (two of the more stylish employees of Karmarama) we decided we needed to start thinking about adding a bit more style around the office. So its dapper Thursday, Martini's are on the rocks, the cocktail glasses are out and Ben is dressed to kill.