Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vacancy: Runner Wanted

Do you have what it takes to work in the cut and thrust of one of the ad industry's most talked about companies?
Have you got stamina, intelligence and some form of genetic enhancement that makes you really good in a fight?
If so, perhaps you could be the Runner we need at Karmarama.
Runners at Karmarama make things happen. They help out in sorts of areas, do deliveries, take on their own projects, be handy to have around during pitches, and keep the good ship HMS Karma cruising steady.
It's a brilliant opportunity for someone who wants to get firsthand (as opposed to secondhand - how would that work?) experience of working in the ad industry.
The role is for a year, you'll get enough money to buy clothes, beer and on-line junk, and you'll join our happy family.
So if you are interested, drop Louise and email at with your details, why you think you could be the chosen one, and what your favourite fancy dress outfit is and why.
The only downside is that Karmarama is not an equal opportunities employer. Sorry, we don't employ wankers. So if you're male, female or undecided, able bodied, disabled or just a bit unfit, a school leaver or a granny, even a scientologist, get in touch today. But make sure you're nice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Burning our brains out in Warsaw

You know, it's not all strategic freestyling and stonking creative ideas at Karmarama. Oh no, every now and then we have to do some proper work. Like sending two of our Karma Krew for an adventure of a life time in Warsaw with our new Burn clients to sample a few delights and see if it's true that Burn just keeps you going and going and going.

Recollections of the night are a bit of a haze. But what we do recall are things like:

1. lots and lots of vodka, everywhere

2. lots of lots of of Burn everywhere

3. it all getting a bit retro

4. eating pineapple and cheese chunks

5. having a go of a hubbly bubbly thing

6. dancing badly

7. falling over

8. having a lovely client and said lovely client knocking back a fair few

9. filthy Phil turning up out of no where at 4 in the morning

10. the shocking morning after

We deserve a ruddy medal!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Poster Boys (and Girls)

People don't talk about posters as much as TV but what with being a purveyor of iconic print media and a hothouse of quality effective advertisements, we are quite fond of them. This week has been full of outdoorsy news:
The fabulous posters for our friends at Smart LPG (a liquid petroleum gas fuelled smart car, congestion charge free and cheap to run) have hit the streets of London, courtesy of our friends at Jack Liberties:

At the same time we have been seeing some great figures on the latest Ice Road Truckers series on The History Channel. The Official jury's out, but we are so proud of our posters, press and online campaign for this series, that we reckon they might well have something to do with it... You can play with the MPU here,
which is ACES, and see the 48s all over town. Most importantly, watch it, on the History Channel. It's kind of butch, but gripping nonetheless.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Big Property Fight

So, new property time.

As you may recall, we're being chucked out of Karma Towers at the end of this year and we've been searching high and low (and very low) for new offices. And we've got our short-list down to two so they can do battle.
It's Covent Garden vs Clerkenwell.
Now, far be it from me to in anyway sway opinion, but as I see it, with Covent Garden you get a lovely location (albeit with a lot of tourists)

Whereas with Clerkenwell you street urchins.

With Covent Garden you get nice flowers and stuff.

With Clerkenwell you get shite.

And with Covent Garden you get opera singers and the arts.

Whereas, with Clerkenwell you get mugged.

It's going to be a tough decision...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gawd Bless Her

More tat has appeared in the office.

At times it feels like a bring-and-buy sale here. Now I'm a big fan of Her Royal Lateness and all, but really, it this necessary? Does rather bring a tear to the old eye though

Who Is This Man?

Mugs. They're important to us here what with us consuming a right old load of tea and coffee and all. But who, I mean 'Who!' the bleedin' hell is this bloke?

This here mug turned up out of nowhere, found its way into our cupboard, and is now the agency's favourite drinking receptacle. If you know this chap, if you have ANY idea why he's want a personalised mug, please let us know as we are quite, quite baffled

Damn, Damn and Damn Again

Just when you think you are on the verge of a scientific breakthrough involving rotting fruit (you'll recall kind reader that we have been observing the slow rot of a satsuma and a digestive biscuit)

Well, it transpires (good word, wonder if it originates from the world of botany and plant transpiration - could be) that our satsuma has a somewhat older brother - older by a stonking 116 years. Crikey.

Still, we shall continue undeterred. A quick update for you: the satsuma is now near weightless having somehow been consumed from the inside out. It's what you'd call a husk I suppose. I asked Fernly, one of our more fearless (and peerless) planners to heft it, but she'd only do it with the protection of a copy of The Guardian.

Still, you can just about work out that she 'aint expending much energy in the heft, hence proving it's lightness. Sort of.

The Boy Done Good

Now you may ask, in between creating some of our fine country's most memorable media neutral and effective brand communication campaigns, exactly what is it that you boys and girls do all day long? You know, in your downtime and all? Well, good question. OK there's a fair amount of playful banter, a bit of magazine reading, and quite a bit of fruit eating and bicycle repairing. But most often you will find us improving our brain weight on the Karma-Wii. Currently, office champ is Aaron with the really quite extraordinary A--.

Now, if you've never played Big Brain Academy this may not mean much. But if you're a player like us, I think you'll be pretty impressed, just like we are.
Azzer, take a bow.