Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Burning our brains out in Warsaw

You know, it's not all strategic freestyling and stonking creative ideas at Karmarama. Oh no, every now and then we have to do some proper work. Like sending two of our Karma Krew for an adventure of a life time in Warsaw with our new Burn clients to sample a few delights and see if it's true that Burn just keeps you going and going and going.

Recollections of the night are a bit of a haze. But what we do recall are things like:

1. lots and lots of vodka, everywhere

2. lots of lots of of Burn everywhere

3. it all getting a bit retro

4. eating pineapple and cheese chunks

5. having a go of a hubbly bubbly thing

6. dancing badly

7. falling over

8. having a lovely client and said lovely client knocking back a fair few

9. filthy Phil turning up out of no where at 4 in the morning

10. the shocking morning after

We deserve a ruddy medal!