Tuesday, June 12, 2012

K Group out on the town

Not long now till we are moving <insert excited yelps and sad sighs here> to Farringdon. But no move would be complete without a little investigative work of the new digs, we all know the best place to start is with the local drinking establishments.

So armed with new kinfolk to meet and a drinking kitty (hurrah) all factions of K group convened with a designated leader (mine was the very capable Jules Hilson who only thrusted 3 toffee vodka shots upon us all) we invaded drinking holes with only a fact finding question sheet to guard us.

The night culminated in a mass of bodies at the Crown pub (not sure they knew what had hit them). I've had it confirmed that over 50% of all kitties were spent on shots, judging by the paled complexion of many faces and the mass of bacon breakfast baps eaten the next morning, this must be pretty factual! (50% may or may not be a true figure and no actual people were asked to clarify my fictitious amount!)

Over all a great night by all, windows being used to ascertain access into bars rather than doors, menus and flowers pilfered, nuts being thrown (no pun intended), random people being accused of wearing your footwear - What more could one want?

The wait is still on for which public house will become the new official haunt. Hopefully we've not been banned from too many :) 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cor, It's a scorcher!

Now I love the sun as much as the next man (i'm a woman) but will admit to being extreamly stereotypically 'British' about it and complaining that it is freezing and the minute its warm complaining that it's too hot!

So in an attempt to try and soothe the pain that is working indoors when it is gloriously sunny outside (I've decided to equate it to being like a dog locked in a car on a sunny day staring longingly out of the windows), we've bought ice lollies for our floor and had picnic's.

If you've been here you will know about our garden where we like to sit and have a cheeky BBQ but most are unaware of our other outside area's. So armed with purchases from yonder Tesco's and even further yonder Sainsburys a merry band of men and women climbed the stone steps to join the kensington Olympia skyline and feast on a large pink picnic blanket (actually yoga mats but i'm using my creative licence here).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy birthday to.......US!

Today we are 12, My how time doth fly.

I'm sure for captain Dave Buonaguidi it seems like only yesterday that he started to build our Karma ship and now we sail far and wide on the K group sea's (I don't often use maritime references but someone is playing soft melodic music on my floor so I have been lulled into a lovely nautical haze...)

In true Karma fashion the only way to mark such a landmark is a mountainous amount of delicious food.

45 pizza's and 15 portions of garlic bread have been chewed, swallowed and are slowly being digested by the inhabitants of 31 Vernon street. We will all be going to the local public house later for a well earned toast to our 12 years of existence, Hip Hip.......

Friday, April 27, 2012

Under construction

Some of us went down to view the new offices (currently under construction). It really is a building site right now, hence the hi-vis vests. Kat of course was put in a special 'fire warden' fluro-orange number. We'll report back with photos when it's looking more like a workspace.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bigger than Our Heads

Reading the blog today I have noticed a common theme.

Our Gemma (I'm neither northern nor Celia Black but the turn of phrase seems strangely fitting) is very lovely and proportionally accurate but we have noticed recently that many things are bigger than her head. You may have seen on recent posts, cheese can be bigger than her head (there are two separate cheeses - no photoshopping here) but we have now noticed chocolate items also fit into this category.

Now I'm not saying these events are worthy of 2012 Olympic gold medal wins or Guinness world record attempts but they are definitely worth documenting, so I see this as my misson.

I will endeavor to blog as many "bigger than our heads" occurrences I come across, preferably with a Gemma head attached to them but if not I suppose my old noggin will have to do.... watch this space!

More massive cheese

Just when we thought we couldn't get more obsessed with food at Karma Towers ... along comes the cheddar the size of Gemma's head. Soon to feature in an upcoming TV spot. Needless to say it lasted for around an hour on barmarama before it was gorged.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2012

We've just about recovered from the celebrations, having been awarded 11th place in the Sunday Times Best Companies (small companies with under 250 staff). We even received the special award for Wellbeing, the judges were clearly impressed by our passion for ping pong!

Klifford Hits SXSW

Lovely Jolene has headed out to SXSW this week with Klifford, the agency buddha. Catch their exploits on twitter at @klifford1

They spent last night at a Lego hackathon round at a Google developer's house. As you do.

Have fun Klifford!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Morning Glory

Mondays are often so, well BLAH really.
But not here. Not here at RamaCharma Towers.
To get everyone in the right mood for a cracking week, the powers that be (mainly Sue in Kreadive)has decided that we'll kick off each week with a nice little Monday 9.30am agency sing song.
Now I do hope to be able to get video evidence of one of these, but for the mean time you'll need to satisfy your interest with a Boney M video and use your imagination to conjure up the image or us lot banging out RA RA RASPUTIN at the top of our voices with not a single blushed face. Well, maybe a couple

Friday, January 27, 2012

The way to a Karmaraman's heart......

Karmarama are a pretty spritely bunch. For those of you who have met us, often there is some kind of treat hanging around the office be it homemade, from the local Tesco's or brought back from holiday (if you've not met us this happens pretty much all the time). But today was a day very close to my heart.

Today was not only Meat Friday but it will also now be named "The day we were given cheese bigger than our heads" (this will not be entered into the Guiness book of records, nor will it feature on wikipedia - but believe me no Karmaraman will ever forget it).

Now I know what you're thinking - surely this is creative license being used to elaborate on a rather large piece of cheese, well we don't lie about cheese here (that would be a cruel thing to do) so Gemma's head is proof of our truthfulness!

I would like to point out now that no large mounds of cheese or heads were damaged in the creation of this photo, but bellies are definitely full and warm with the dairy goodness that topped off another top notch meat friday. Three cheers all round!

Lost: eyebrows

A certain someone is going to kill me for putting this on the blog, but it's too good not to share. After an equipment malfuntion he accidentally shaved his eyebrows off. Asking for kind treatment from the karma krew they responded ....


Spotted outside Karma towers today. Vince!!