Tuesday, June 12, 2012

K Group out on the town

Not long now till we are moving <insert excited yelps and sad sighs here> to Farringdon. But no move would be complete without a little investigative work of the new digs, we all know the best place to start is with the local drinking establishments.

So armed with new kinfolk to meet and a drinking kitty (hurrah) all factions of K group convened with a designated leader (mine was the very capable Jules Hilson who only thrusted 3 toffee vodka shots upon us all) we invaded drinking holes with only a fact finding question sheet to guard us.

The night culminated in a mass of bodies at the Crown pub (not sure they knew what had hit them). I've had it confirmed that over 50% of all kitties were spent on shots, judging by the paled complexion of many faces and the mass of bacon breakfast baps eaten the next morning, this must be pretty factual! (50% may or may not be a true figure and no actual people were asked to clarify my fictitious amount!)

Over all a great night by all, windows being used to ascertain access into bars rather than doors, menus and flowers pilfered, nuts being thrown (no pun intended), random people being accused of wearing your footwear - What more could one want?

The wait is still on for which public house will become the new official haunt. Hopefully we've not been banned from too many :)