Friday, February 29, 2008

Made you look.

Sometimes a client doesn't just need a poster that makes you stop and look, they need a poster that makes you stop, look, double take, drop your DS and feel a bit queasy. Here is one of them kind of posters... its the latest underground campaign for the History Channel's 'Mummy Forensics' show.
That, my friends, is one of your genuine real-life mummified corpses. We call it 'The Screamer'.
Send complaints to:

Karmarama go to the races!

After negotiating that Craig’s beer stained birthday jumper will be ready for collection on Monday from the local dry cleaners. We found ourselves in the increasingly common dilemma of where we could get a good lunch for under a fiver. Looking for answers we found ourselves outside the local bookies and decided that we will put the fate of our lunch in the hands of the gambling gods.

With the going good in Vaal, (South Africa) we were drawn between two horses in the 1.27pm, an outsider Techno Raver at 16-1 and Naples, a local horse at 6-1. We decided we didn’t trust Techno Raver with our lunch money so we went with Naples.

And fuck me, she only went and won by 5 lengths. We cashed in our £30 and went straight to the pub for a celebratory anti-pasti.

Gambling Thursday is born!
(we will let you know what we eat next week)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Its a little bit Ping, it's a little bit pong.

We like to be friendly neighbours at Karmarama, and so when we moved in with Z Group (or Turbodial) and Blue Star we invited them over to a party of ping pong, pizza and beer so we could all get to know each other better.

Little did we know that they already had their own table, and were even better than us at it (admittedly that was a low bar to hurdle) however, when it came down to the nail biting final between Jamie from Turbodial and our own Superplanner, Jono, Karmarama prevailed and Mr Jono Holt was crowned King of 31 Vernon Street.


Nice Wheels

Today we took delivery of our brand new agency motor. Our splendid clients DandeLyon who run SmartLPG, the company that converts cars to LPG, have given us a beautiful Mini soft top for the rest of the year. It's been LPG-ised so it's jolly good climate-wise and it looks simply drop dead gorgeous.
Modeling by the motor are Ben, the 3rd most handsome man in advertising, and lovely Lizzie, our current favourite client. We're looking at putting some Foxton-style graphics on it so you'll always know when your favourite agency-cum-estate agents are out and about. Give us a wave or a toot toot if you see us around.

The Fastest Growing Agency In The Known Universe - Almost

Well hello there. Now as you know, in the words of The Sugarhill Gang, we don't mean to brag, we don't mean to boast, but every now and then something occurs in this simply crazy world of advertising that we just have to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!
So, here it is: your second favourite agency, after the child support agency of course, is, officially, the fastest god damned growing agency in the top 50 of all agencies in the good old UK.

I know. Bonkers isn't it. So I guess that means that we'll have to start acting all grown up, combing our hair regularly and making sure our fingernails are of a respectable length.
Please feel free to join us in a celebratory jar of cloudy Scrumpy Jack.

Karmarama: Officially An Agency (sort of)

After days, weeks, months and a couple of years of hard slog and diligently filling in our time sheets, report cards and turning up to work on time, the IPA has certified that your favourite web 5.0 agency is now agency and an incorporated practitioner in advertising. Now, although there are certain ones amongst us who will remain nameless (but they are tall and dashingly handsome) who think the whole 'pay us a lot of money so we can certify that what you do is official' is a right old piece of poop, it's important to others. So, I suppose, begrudgingly, it's something to be proud of (grumble grumble).

Thursday, February 21, 2008


We got a brand new pressie last week from our friends at Coca Cola. A very nice fizzy pop dispenser machine thing.

It was all Phil's good work, employing a bit of tough negotiating and convincing their trade people that we've got the footfall of Terminal 4. So far I think it's sold 4 bottles, but there's plenty of time.
If you're in the area and a bit hot and sweaty, pop in for a drink. But you're paying mind

Hello Mr Handsome

You know Ben right? Funny looking little fella with red hair and a twinkle in his eye? Well who'd have thought it, but it turns out he's a bit of a dish. I know! What, I said WHAT is the world coming to?
So here's the evidence. Hot off the press, this week's Campaign serves up the goods on the best lookers in the industry, and there's Benjy at joint number 3.

Good work fella.
We've no idea who all the others are, apart from Helen Calcraft who's a right looker and can put me in her pocket and take me home anytime she fancies.
Congratulations Ben. Now - will you tell the wife?

And Then There Were 3!

Blimey, you should see the size of this place we've got out in W14. It is h-u-g-e!
With all this space, and with us having a keen eye on the bottom line and all, we decided to take in a few lodgers to spread the load and share the love.
So we now have 3 fridges in the kitchen and 2 new friends
So there's us, Karmarama-Brahama-Tiara. But of course you knew that.

And there's Bluestar. Hello Bluestar!

They do all sorts of well wizzy things with mobiles and have lots of pictures of Davy Beckham around the place and the girls ( and a couple of the lads) are simply drooling.
Now, confusingly, Bluestar have now sort of podded and there's another company with them called Broadchart, who are the mix masters of the vinyl world and apparently have every blinking 7 inch single that's ever been released. Captain Crumbly that's a lot of wax, max. But we don't have a fridge for them yet, so let's not dwell.

And then there's Z Group, who may have just changed their name, but we're not too sure, but look, we've gone to the trouble of printing you a nice label for the fridge so you'll just have to keep that blinking name for a bit longer cos the toner is running low on the printer right!

And what do Z Group (or whoever they are this week) actually do? Well we're not too sure. It's got something to do with the interweb and we think it's technology that makes it go right fast. Or, they may just all be up there now, monitoring what our lovely Karma people are searching for on the net. Oh my, oh my, with our bunch, let's hope not.

How YOU Doing?

Meet Claire Huxley. She's our newbie and we like her a lot.

Claire hails from TBWA-hem and we think she's far happier being part of our nice friendly family.
She works on Nintendo and she don't take no nonsense fool!
We think Claire will shoot to stardom soon on some form of reality TV show or similar.
She's a wee bit quiet at the mo', but I reckon she's just biding her sweet time, preparing to make her move. Bill Benboul - watch out!
Welcome Claire, nice to have you with us chuck.

The Sexiest Chairs in Advertising?

When we moved to our new home way out west, we inherited some right bonkers furniture. But there were a few gems, one of them being these exotic, sexy and ever so slightyly porno meeting room chairs.

Just take a gander: white leather clinging tightly to a chrome frame.
Oooooh I've come over all adland 1980s.
Driver! Take me to The Ivy damn you!
We've got a dozen of the little beauties and, apart from getting dirty very quickly (you don't want to know how) and giving you a bit of a sweaty bot-bot in tense meetings, they 'aint half nice.
If you'd like to come and rest awhile on them you either have to: (i) apply for a job (very strict criteria); or (ii) become a client (very loose criteria).
You know you want to. Come feel the leather....