Thursday, February 21, 2008

And Then There Were 3!

Blimey, you should see the size of this place we've got out in W14. It is h-u-g-e!
With all this space, and with us having a keen eye on the bottom line and all, we decided to take in a few lodgers to spread the load and share the love.
So we now have 3 fridges in the kitchen and 2 new friends
So there's us, Karmarama-Brahama-Tiara. But of course you knew that.

And there's Bluestar. Hello Bluestar!

They do all sorts of well wizzy things with mobiles and have lots of pictures of Davy Beckham around the place and the girls ( and a couple of the lads) are simply drooling.
Now, confusingly, Bluestar have now sort of podded and there's another company with them called Broadchart, who are the mix masters of the vinyl world and apparently have every blinking 7 inch single that's ever been released. Captain Crumbly that's a lot of wax, max. But we don't have a fridge for them yet, so let's not dwell.

And then there's Z Group, who may have just changed their name, but we're not too sure, but look, we've gone to the trouble of printing you a nice label for the fridge so you'll just have to keep that blinking name for a bit longer cos the toner is running low on the printer right!

And what do Z Group (or whoever they are this week) actually do? Well we're not too sure. It's got something to do with the interweb and we think it's technology that makes it go right fast. Or, they may just all be up there now, monitoring what our lovely Karma people are searching for on the net. Oh my, oh my, with our bunch, let's hope not.