Monday, May 28, 2012

Cor, It's a scorcher!

Now I love the sun as much as the next man (i'm a woman) but will admit to being extreamly stereotypically 'British' about it and complaining that it is freezing and the minute its warm complaining that it's too hot!

So in an attempt to try and soothe the pain that is working indoors when it is gloriously sunny outside (I've decided to equate it to being like a dog locked in a car on a sunny day staring longingly out of the windows), we've bought ice lollies for our floor and had picnic's.

If you've been here you will know about our garden where we like to sit and have a cheeky BBQ but most are unaware of our other outside area's. So armed with purchases from yonder Tesco's and even further yonder Sainsburys a merry band of men and women climbed the stone steps to join the kensington Olympia skyline and feast on a large pink picnic blanket (actually yoga mats but i'm using my creative licence here).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy birthday to.......US!

Today we are 12, My how time doth fly.

I'm sure for captain Dave Buonaguidi it seems like only yesterday that he started to build our Karma ship and now we sail far and wide on the K group sea's (I don't often use maritime references but someone is playing soft melodic music on my floor so I have been lulled into a lovely nautical haze...)

In true Karma fashion the only way to mark such a landmark is a mountainous amount of delicious food.

45 pizza's and 15 portions of garlic bread have been chewed, swallowed and are slowly being digested by the inhabitants of 31 Vernon street. We will all be going to the local public house later for a well earned toast to our 12 years of existence, Hip Hip.......