Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ping Pong now an integral part to all Nintendo shoots!

Here's Rob our client from Nintendo and generous sponsor of the Karmarama ping pong team, enjoying the beautiful game on a shoot yesterday. This was shot at a swanky house in Wimbledon and unfortunately the swimming pool had been built a little too close to the ping pong table and on several occasions the ball ended up on the pool cover, but hey! can't have everything. From now on, Nintendo shoots involving Rob or Walter from Nintendo in Germany will have a table tennis table and balls as part of the rider.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Planner Alert: Kat, President of Post Digital Propaganda

All hail Kat, who joined us this week.

Kat is a top drawer planner trained in the black arts of above the line, on line, around the line, tow the line planning.
As such she has been given the title of President of Post Digital Propaganda because we think it sounds kinda kool.
Little know facts about Kat include that she's allergic to the colour purple, she can drive cars with her eyes closed using only her teeth and spidey sense, her feet were once used as a stand in for Kate Moss's hands (they are THAT delicate), she can speak entirely in binary, and she can eat Krispy Kreames in one mouthful.

Krispy Kreame Moving Day

We decided to shake things around a bit of PharmaRama today so we could mingle people up a bit, stir the pot, buzz the flies, all that sort of nonsense.
Because some people had got very attached to their places. lovely Ben went out and got us all some Krispy Kreame doughnuts to make us all feel better.

And a bit fatter.
Ben's nice.

Funny looking, but nice.

Sick Trainer Friday: The Return

Last time we did sick trainer Friday we won lastminute.com and President Obama got elected.
So we thought we'd do it all over again and see what happens.
So feast your eyes on what followers, and note how different people's interpretation of 'sick' varies rather wildly.
Special praise for Hux who always pushes the boat out when it comes to dressing up, Daniel who cycled in from Greenwich in his snowboard boots, Ben who actually went home to get his sickest trainers yet, and Arjun for his fat yellow tongues

The Day We Broke Liam

Liam is not a happy man.
The person charged with the responsibility for the smooth running of the good ship HMS Karma lost his rag late last night due to the appalling state of the karma kitchen.
Liam has previously threatened us with 'kitchen-kam', warning posters and the occasional refusal to let us use any cups.
But this action is the most extreme and, in many ways, the most joyous yet: he has removed everything from the kitchen, cups, plates, cutlery, even the microwave and toaster.

A man clearly on the edge, Liam then emailed us all to explain.

The cracks are beginning to show, the nervous twitch is ramping up and the general air of terror has increased.
Sorry Liam, but please can we have our mugs back?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dapper Friday

Dapper Friday is a long standing tradition at KrispyKarma where the boys and girls dress up all fancy to show off what lurks within their IKEA wardrobes. Usually the boys look like a mix of JWT account directors and Harvard first year students, and the girls like they are off to a right posh do. All in all, the Krew scrubbed up beautifully and there was much loving throughout the day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From Tattoos to Teas

Working with our friends at White Ribbon Alliance has seen us do some really enjoyable stuff this year. From placing tattoos on everyone from Lily Allen to our ordinary selves at Glastonbury and Bestival, to now creating a little Mum's Cafe at the Labour Party conference. Here's are very own Nicola having a cuppa there last week.

All the fun we've been having is happening to raise awareness for the Million Mums campaign. If you don't know much about it then it's worth having a little look here.