Friday, October 16, 2009

The Day We Broke Liam

Liam is not a happy man.
The person charged with the responsibility for the smooth running of the good ship HMS Karma lost his rag late last night due to the appalling state of the karma kitchen.
Liam has previously threatened us with 'kitchen-kam', warning posters and the occasional refusal to let us use any cups.
But this action is the most extreme and, in many ways, the most joyous yet: he has removed everything from the kitchen, cups, plates, cutlery, even the microwave and toaster.

A man clearly on the edge, Liam then emailed us all to explain.

The cracks are beginning to show, the nervous twitch is ramping up and the general air of terror has increased.
Sorry Liam, but please can we have our mugs back?