Friday, April 27, 2012

Under construction

Some of us went down to view the new offices (currently under construction). It really is a building site right now, hence the hi-vis vests. Kat of course was put in a special 'fire warden' fluro-orange number. We'll report back with photos when it's looking more like a workspace.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bigger than Our Heads

Reading the blog today I have noticed a common theme.

Our Gemma (I'm neither northern nor Celia Black but the turn of phrase seems strangely fitting) is very lovely and proportionally accurate but we have noticed recently that many things are bigger than her head. You may have seen on recent posts, cheese can be bigger than her head (there are two separate cheeses - no photoshopping here) but we have now noticed chocolate items also fit into this category.

Now I'm not saying these events are worthy of 2012 Olympic gold medal wins or Guinness world record attempts but they are definitely worth documenting, so I see this as my misson.

I will endeavor to blog as many "bigger than our heads" occurrences I come across, preferably with a Gemma head attached to them but if not I suppose my old noggin will have to do.... watch this space!

More massive cheese

Just when we thought we couldn't get more obsessed with food at Karma Towers ... along comes the cheddar the size of Gemma's head. Soon to feature in an upcoming TV spot. Needless to say it lasted for around an hour on barmarama before it was gorged.