Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When Dr Sketchy came to W14

We were very lucky to be able to host our very own Private Dr Sketchy session, catered by the marvellous Betty Blythe at 40 Vernon Street last week. (For those who are not yet acquainted with the Great Works of the Dr Sketchy crew, they run a life drawing evening class... with a difference. The difference being a selection of the finest Burlesque Perfomers in town, 
and the marvellous Dusty Limits hosting, compering, wisecracking, inspiring and, frankly, mocking our work. It's pretty unique, and ace fun). We were entertained by two great and very saucy personages in the form of Sarina and Spencer.
3 naughty performances, several bellinis, a programme of short poses,  a handful of Creative Mandates (draw him as a Bond Villain, draw her as a Skeleton etc) and many primitive illustrations of the male sexual parts later, we had a body of work ready for the Vision On Wall. If the Vision On wall was located in an adult bookshop, that is. 
Clare from Dr Sketchy, who also runs a fabulous store in Portobello Road, presided and provided prizes. David was very happy indeed with his tassles, I think. Alex and Nicola were charmed by Spencer's chainmail codpiece. Ben was just happy to be there.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Go Cootes Go!

It's marathon weekend and our very own Hiliary (Cootes) has been eating up the concrete of Richmond Park for the past few months in preparation for the big day. As a previous New Zealand Under 9's high hurdles champion expectations here at Karmarama are high and come Sunday we're all heading down to cheer our Kiwi on to the finish line. And to show our support and make sure she spots us at the 24 mile mark (which is highly unlikely!) the Lastminute.com team have decided to replicate her now famous look.

Gemma, Hils, Lisa, Jamie and Pete donning official Go Cootes Go! eyewear and supporters T-shirts.

...The reaction this morning on seeing the Go Cootes Go! campaign go live.

Good Luck Hils!! (We'll let you know how she gets on)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Karma Ping Pong site goes live

Rich with the historic story of the club, exclusive Karma Ping Pong merchandise and the once secretive contact details of club coach Shirwen. Media Guardian, The Beano and ETTA (English Table Tennis Association) have recognised www.karmapingpong.com as one of the most significant and ground breaking websites of the decade. See for your self here.