Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Noise: The Return

You may recall, kind reader, way back when your favourite 'fastest growing agency in the top 50' was in their previous location that we had a little problem with NOISE! Builders builders everywhere, driving us to despair (they kinda rhymes don't it - you see, we're very, very creative here).

With our move out west to a road that genuinely resembles Coronation Street, but without the Rovers and that mad lad that wants to kill people, we settled in to a quieter way of life. A nice garden, nice neighbours, lovely and ... quiet.

But not for long as we have enlisted the help of a posse of builders to sort out a few drainage problems (long story, very dull). The awful truth is that not only is it bonkers noisey as they drill, grind and sump (technical term), but it's our fault! Our quiet little oasis of calm is now no longer calm. It's right bleedin' noisey!

We're sorry, very sorry to our neighbours and the gods of silence. Fern and Hattie are currently baking muffins to atone and hand out to the local folk. Please don't hurt us nice W14 people.

Another One Bites The Dust

We're a brave bunch here at Kristerama, but none more so that the intrepid cyclists who have to navigate the harsh streets of London to get to and from the Kube, our lovely new building way out west. So we support them with fresh fruit, sticky plasters and a loving hug.

But there are casualties I'm afraid, and Filthy Phil is the latest. Poor lad was cut up by some mad petrol-head as he was on his way to work. Phil, wearing the standard issue Karmarama Kamouflage of black top, black bottoms and free flowing locks, took a nasty tumble, did a spiral, landed on his head and took a right old hefty bang. Thankfully, years of drinking cheap Polish vodka has resulted in most of Phil's brain cells having already taken early retirement, so no serious damage there. Unfortunately his hand got pretty messed up and he's on operation number two as I write.

So, if you happen to be passing the Chelsea and Westminster and you see a moppy haired lad high on morphine but still trying to chat up the nurses, chances are it'll be our boy, so give him a quick kiss. Meantime, Dave is prowling the streets looking to rain down a bit of bad karma on a very rubbish London driver. Be warned.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Royal Ping-Pong

Last night saw the world's ping-pong stars descend upon The Royal Albert Hall for the Dunlop Masters 2008, and of course we went.

Highlights included the legend Jan-Ove Waldner struggle to carry a rather larger figure of himself around the table, the young Darius Knight overcome with nerves, "The Austrian Chopper" Chen Weixing putting up a good fight with an incredible defence and 'The Pocket Rocket" Kalinikos Kreanga from Greece overcoming everyone by unleashing his furious back-hand attack whenever possible.

But the star of the night (apart from a drunk, old bloke who was highly entertaining 4 rows from the front throughout) was bandanna donned, Jean Michel Saive who brought real showmanship to the event as well as fine 90's dress sense. Thank you Jean.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Karmarama go back to the races

After our win last week at the races resulting in a 'better than average lunch' we donned our flat caps and wellies once again and headed trackside with our tummies rumbling. The running was firm at Vaal and with only 7 horses in the 1.30pm we thought it looked a good race to wager our lunch money. Let's Rock and Roll an outsider at 5-1 had by far the best name and accordingly the fate of our lunch once again was handed to a horse.

After a slow start, Let's Rock and Roll finally picked up the pace and with a gutsy sprint through the last furlong grabbed an honorable second place. Not enough for myself and Craig to once again dine with Olympia royalty at The Cumberland instead Tesco awaited. The savvy Fern however collected a cool 60p profit from an each way bet and treated herself to some Peppermint Swirls- Yummy.