Thursday, March 6, 2008

Karmarama go back to the races

After our win last week at the races resulting in a 'better than average lunch' we donned our flat caps and wellies once again and headed trackside with our tummies rumbling. The running was firm at Vaal and with only 7 horses in the 1.30pm we thought it looked a good race to wager our lunch money. Let's Rock and Roll an outsider at 5-1 had by far the best name and accordingly the fate of our lunch once again was handed to a horse.

After a slow start, Let's Rock and Roll finally picked up the pace and with a gutsy sprint through the last furlong grabbed an honorable second place. Not enough for myself and Craig to once again dine with Olympia royalty at The Cumberland instead Tesco awaited. The savvy Fern however collected a cool 60p profit from an each way bet and treated herself to some Peppermint Swirls- Yummy.