Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Noise: The Return

You may recall, kind reader, way back when your favourite 'fastest growing agency in the top 50' was in their previous location that we had a little problem with NOISE! Builders builders everywhere, driving us to despair (they kinda rhymes don't it - you see, we're very, very creative here).

With our move out west to a road that genuinely resembles Coronation Street, but without the Rovers and that mad lad that wants to kill people, we settled in to a quieter way of life. A nice garden, nice neighbours, lovely and ... quiet.

But not for long as we have enlisted the help of a posse of builders to sort out a few drainage problems (long story, very dull). The awful truth is that not only is it bonkers noisey as they drill, grind and sump (technical term), but it's our fault! Our quiet little oasis of calm is now no longer calm. It's right bleedin' noisey!

We're sorry, very sorry to our neighbours and the gods of silence. Fern and Hattie are currently baking muffins to atone and hand out to the local folk. Please don't hurt us nice W14 people.