Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Royal Ping-Pong

Last night saw the world's ping-pong stars descend upon The Royal Albert Hall for the Dunlop Masters 2008, and of course we went.

Highlights included the legend Jan-Ove Waldner struggle to carry a rather larger figure of himself around the table, the young Darius Knight overcome with nerves, "The Austrian Chopper" Chen Weixing putting up a good fight with an incredible defence and 'The Pocket Rocket" Kalinikos Kreanga from Greece overcoming everyone by unleashing his furious back-hand attack whenever possible.

But the star of the night (apart from a drunk, old bloke who was highly entertaining 4 rows from the front throughout) was bandanna donned, Jean Michel Saive who brought real showmanship to the event as well as fine 90's dress sense. Thank you Jean.