Friday, February 26, 2010

Liam's mixed emotions on his last day

Karmaroma mourns today as office manager, stand up comic, handy man, driver, plumber, electrician, thespian, fork stealer, spoon confiscator, kitchen cam watcher, crime preventor, all round gentleman and general legend Liam leaves us. Great speeches last night were matched with an epic send off in the boozer. We'll miss you.

Hello again. It's been ages!

So the Christmas party was over two and a half months ago and as the saying goes what goes on in Morzine stays in Morzine. However, when hunting for an old presentation today on the effectiveness of using small dressed up animals in deodorant advertising I came across the pictures on the server. They're brilliant so stay tuned.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time To Bragg?

See what I've done there? The picture, and the line, and the story? Oh whatever.
So, we don't, no we DON'T like to brag here (and it's not that we don't have much to brag about, it's just that we're all sincere and stuff), but I thought I just HAD to show off this quite remarkable stat from TNS Mercury who have recently evaluated over 280 TV ads from 2009 to discover that our campaign for Nintendo Wii and DS was the second most effective campaign of the year.
Quite extraordinary really, especially as we lost out on the top spot to Dettol, which was a swine flu campaign so a pretty important topic.

Having spoke to the terribly nice fellow at TNS, he said that the Nintendo campaign scored amazingly highly on engagement, recall and motivation to buy. Lordy, there was us thinking we were just banging out a few good ads and all of a sudden we know what we're doing.
BUT's nice for the work to be recognised seeing as we don't enter creative awards and have never entered any form of effectiveness paper (although some people here really REALLY want us to but it's all such a bore and let's be honest, I mean REALLY honest for a moment, we all know that the argument is always post-raionalised and the figures have a bit of a Swedish massage).
So there you have it. KarmaBrama: nice people, working hard, playing ping pong and producing good work that really does work. Hurrah!

Friday, February 5, 2010

10 Years Young

Stone me, we just realised.
This is our 10 year anniversary.
Yes, 10 years cranking out nice little bits of cultural currency for all the world to see.
Our official birthday is May 1st.
Lots has changed, lots had got better, people have come and stayed and gone.
We've had some amazing client and some of the best of times.
And we've remained resolutely independent and committed to doing the sort of good work that our clients love us for.
I'm going to try and convince Dave to pull together an overview, ideally without expletives, to give a taste of what we've done, highlights and all that sort of thing.
Keep watching and we'll see what can be served up to ya.

Why We Love W14

This is funny.
It's just around the corner from here.
I know we're being juvenile but come on, it is Friday.

It's Not That I Particularly Dislike Turkish Airlines Or Anything...

You may recall a couple of months ago we posted a nearby Kevin Costner ad for Turkish Airlines and asked if it was possibly the worst ad ever made. Well, they've sort of done it again with possibly the greatest airline advertising fail ever. Turkish Airlines, we salute you. Please, keep on with this madness.

ForkGate - Or Why I love working at KarmaBanana

Here's the latest all staff email from our operations manager. We're a bit worried that he may be having a life crises and taking it out on us.
P.S. If you come in for a meeting or a chit chat, make sure you bring a swiss army knife.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Karma Stores Is Open For Business

Over the years we've always had a healthy NPD division here at KarmaKarpets, known famously in W14 as Karma Industries. This little industrious body has created numerous Christmas gifts (who could forget our ingenious Mince Pie Roulette or our Karma Snowballs for a climate chaos Kristmas?), t-shirts, tea and coffee mugs and a device to transform water into a tequila slammer. Actually the last one is a fib but boy are we trying.
People have always said "Oi, cheeky chops, how can I get my mitts on some of that exclusive stuff then?". Well ask no more kind punter as Karma Stores is here and open for business.
Stocked chocker full of kwalidy merchandise, there's everything from our ping pong t-shirts, our fabled (and highly illegal) mugs, our water bottles and all manner of karma inspired tatt.

Also, we have in stock possibly the only surviving t-shirt printed for the anti-war march when we produced our iconic 'Make Tea Not War' placard (to give you an idea about how collectable this is, an original poster supposedly ripped from a placard from the march recently went up for auction getting $250. Some peoples is just plain crazy).

So don't delay, get your order in today (what copy magic that is). You can pay in person or online or, if you are especially cunning, you can probably nip in and pinch the lot. But then of course Dave will come after you and trust me, you don't want that man on your back.
So, Karma Stores is here, yet another inspired business venture from your friendly neighbourhood ad folk.