Thursday, February 4, 2010

Karma Stores Is Open For Business

Over the years we've always had a healthy NPD division here at KarmaKarpets, known famously in W14 as Karma Industries. This little industrious body has created numerous Christmas gifts (who could forget our ingenious Mince Pie Roulette or our Karma Snowballs for a climate chaos Kristmas?), t-shirts, tea and coffee mugs and a device to transform water into a tequila slammer. Actually the last one is a fib but boy are we trying.
People have always said "Oi, cheeky chops, how can I get my mitts on some of that exclusive stuff then?". Well ask no more kind punter as Karma Stores is here and open for business.
Stocked chocker full of kwalidy merchandise, there's everything from our ping pong t-shirts, our fabled (and highly illegal) mugs, our water bottles and all manner of karma inspired tatt.

Also, we have in stock possibly the only surviving t-shirt printed for the anti-war march when we produced our iconic 'Make Tea Not War' placard (to give you an idea about how collectable this is, an original poster supposedly ripped from a placard from the march recently went up for auction getting $250. Some peoples is just plain crazy).

So don't delay, get your order in today (what copy magic that is). You can pay in person or online or, if you are especially cunning, you can probably nip in and pinch the lot. But then of course Dave will come after you and trust me, you don't want that man on your back.
So, Karma Stores is here, yet another inspired business venture from your friendly neighbourhood ad folk.