Monday, September 29, 2008

Swedish Shopping Trip

We went to visit our favourite Swedish hardware/ homewares/ technology/ hobby and garden store and we bought...

A bicycle horn for Robin's bike
A red wine stain remover for Ann's parties
A dashboard mat for our untidy mini
A battery tester for all of Hattie's special electronic musical instruments

A special tattooing pen for Craig and Jono to draw on each other with
Not to mention a couple of special over-sink-vegetable-peeling-sieves, some non stick baking silicone tray stuff, some special velcro car seat bins and some eyebrow tweezers with a torch and a magnifying glass built into them. and we still got on the plane home handluggage only.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sick Trainer Friday

We like dressing up around here at Karmaridges. Usually on a Friday. And it's usually a bit good.
This Friday is Sick Trainer Friday.
So here's a selection of the illist, sickest, boom-bum-baddest trainers you ever did see.
Well sick as the kids say.

It's All A Bit Billy Bonkers

It's all a bit top secret right, and ever so slightly bonkers, but yesterday we were all jumping a round a bit. Why? Well we'll tell all soon. But boy, can that KarmaKrew bounch

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh Woody... Come Out To Play

Things move fast here at Kremarama. We see something, we like it, we do it. Last week Ben banned biscuits because his waistline was bulging and they just disappeared overnight. Unlike Ben's muffin-top.

So we were sat around in our nice new building one day, looking at the trees in the garden, stroking our friendly Buddhas, when Dave had the bright idea that we needed to update the Karma family. As well as all our top-ranking employee people, over the years we've had a bit of Van den Pup, the Hoff, Ricardo the masked wrestler and of course our extensive selection of little tubby Buddha fellas.

So Dave had a chat with legendary Pete Fowler, renowned artist, DJ, cravat wearer and long-term Hattie squeeze, and asked him to design us something special. something mid-way between a brand mascot and the bastard love-child of Big Tasty Dave and the nice olive tree currently gracing the garden. And Woody was born!

Here he is in all his 2-D glory. As soon as we get a bit more cash or Dave expenses a couple of moody taxi receipts the plan is to create a life sized model of our new offspring and sit him in the garden for all the birdies and pint of beer to sit upon. Nice

Colmans week actually continues... Day 4!

We have a bit of a habit here that as soon as we do something even remotely enjoyable at work we try and make sure that we do it again. As a result, you may have noticed that we are quite fond of proudly declaring that days of the week should be named after such events happening. A process which is simply there to remind ourselves to partake the following week in said fun. For instance in the past we have had Dapper Thursdays, KFC Friday's, Look-a-like Thursdays, Tash Tuesdays, Chippie Thursdays, BBQ Friday's and Meat day (which infact could be any day). Some stand the test of time others don't...

But today saw the revolution that is Colmans week continue into day 4!

Yesterday saw Hattie cook a brilliant Sausage hotpot.

And today it was just like being in 'trendy' Brick Lane with head chef Sidnii Mecgrat (pictured) putting the apron on and rustling up a 'f*ck me thats good' chicken curry.

A Little Bit of Bling And A Little Bit of Pong

Last week saw the annual Karmarama Ping Pong Open where we invite all comers to sample our hospitality and Amstel beer, and then play to the death on the merciless agency ping pong table.

Actually, it's not to the death. It's for the coveted Bling Pong bat. And everyone wants it.

The evening rocked along to tunes by the Cherrystones as people gathered, drank, played, humiliated themselves, had indecent conversations and generally had a right royal knees up.

Compared by our one and only Davey B, the finalists were Ray 'The Quiet Hitman' Lee and last year's winner Mark 'The Terminator' Dawson. Despite nifty moves by the studio guru, the outcome was inevitable as Dawson ramped his game up a level, hitched up his strides, and played like an absolute demon.

Once again the agency lose the coveted Bling Pong Bat to an outsider, but Mark's welcome to it as it ensures we get a bit of class at next year's gathering.

Thanks to all all came along and we'll see you next year for more backspin madness

Tropical Takeover

Hot on the heels for Digi Craig's tropical disease comes a tropical infestation of GIANT SPIDERS!

Well, one giant-ish spider anyway. But just look at the size of it. It's at least the size of a (very small child's) hand. It mesmerised the great and the good of Karmabrahma for at least 20 minutes as the web grew and grew to a truly terrifying size. I'd give you an update on whether it's caught anything yet (freelancers, young creatives, locals), but I'm a bit too frightened to go out in the garden at the mo'

What The *@$*%! Is That?

Oh dear. It looks like Digi Craig has caught a strange tropical digi virus that has infected his elbow.

Usually when a young virile man's elbow inflates like this there is a more obvious reason. And with Craig spending a lot of time on his on up in Brum, who can blame him. But in this instance, it appears that our boy may have something suspicious growing in there like ants of mini-spiders or pineapples or something. We've contacted the Guinness Book of Records regarding the largest elbow circumference, but so far no one has returned our calls

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's All Gone A Bit Colman's

Now, we don't want you to think that all we do at West London's friendly local agency is eat-eat-eat, but this week we've all gone a bit Colman's crazy as we suck pencils and apply ourselves to thunking up the next big campaign for them. So, all this week we've got willing volunteers cooking a different Colman's Packet Sauce for the hungry hoards.

Yesterday we threw Gemma in at the deep end. For a person who has only ever used a recipe book to steady a wobbly easel, it was a testing time for Gemms as she cooked up a chilli special.

You may notice, kind reader, that due to a lack of cooking gear in our beautiful yet functionally inept building, we've had to get Shiv to bring her camping stove in. It's all top drawer stuff here you know.

The smell was a joy, the results splendid, and the day after everyone has bounched back for more.

So up steps Hattie to cook up a saussie and onion casserole thing. And believe me, with the smell of saussies wafting around the building, there 'aint a dry tongue in the place.

Tomorrow? Who knows, but the chicken cuzzer is looking good