Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's All Gone A Bit Colman's

Now, we don't want you to think that all we do at West London's friendly local agency is eat-eat-eat, but this week we've all gone a bit Colman's crazy as we suck pencils and apply ourselves to thunking up the next big campaign for them. So, all this week we've got willing volunteers cooking a different Colman's Packet Sauce for the hungry hoards.

Yesterday we threw Gemma in at the deep end. For a person who has only ever used a recipe book to steady a wobbly easel, it was a testing time for Gemms as she cooked up a chilli special.

You may notice, kind reader, that due to a lack of cooking gear in our beautiful yet functionally inept building, we've had to get Shiv to bring her camping stove in. It's all top drawer stuff here you know.

The smell was a joy, the results splendid, and the day after everyone has bounched back for more.

So up steps Hattie to cook up a saussie and onion casserole thing. And believe me, with the smell of saussies wafting around the building, there 'aint a dry tongue in the place.

Tomorrow? Who knows, but the chicken cuzzer is looking good