Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh Woody... Come Out To Play

Things move fast here at Kremarama. We see something, we like it, we do it. Last week Ben banned biscuits because his waistline was bulging and they just disappeared overnight. Unlike Ben's muffin-top.

So we were sat around in our nice new building one day, looking at the trees in the garden, stroking our friendly Buddhas, when Dave had the bright idea that we needed to update the Karma family. As well as all our top-ranking employee people, over the years we've had a bit of Van den Pup, the Hoff, Ricardo the masked wrestler and of course our extensive selection of little tubby Buddha fellas.

So Dave had a chat with legendary Pete Fowler, renowned artist, DJ, cravat wearer and long-term Hattie squeeze, and asked him to design us something special. something mid-way between a brand mascot and the bastard love-child of Big Tasty Dave and the nice olive tree currently gracing the garden. And Woody was born!

Here he is in all his 2-D glory. As soon as we get a bit more cash or Dave expenses a couple of moody taxi receipts the plan is to create a life sized model of our new offspring and sit him in the garden for all the birdies and pint of beer to sit upon. Nice