Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Good Karma Life

Never slow to recognise the need to feed the hungry and the needy, we've got our green fingers out and started colonising space up on the roof to grow a few bits and bobs. Thanks to a few purchases from the local Homebase, and Barry from the local estate, we're planting all sorts of things up there. We're expecting a bumper harvest soon.

Here, showing off their green fingers are Debbie and Bonnie. I'm desperately trying to stop myself making a euphemistic error here, so I best sign off

Friday, May 1, 2009

Respect The Client

We don't often feature clients on our blog here at K'rama, but felt that our fella Rob deserved a special mention.

As you know we like our bikes here and heroes of the agency can often be found sweating their way around old London town.

Well Rob takes the biscuit as he cycles 17 miles to work, and 17 miles back again. 17 miles! That will like take you to another country and that.

Top respect Rob, but sort those pins out mate cos they look well rank

Gemma's X Factor

We have a right start in the making here going by the name of Gemma Knoxxy Knox and she's just about to go through the final stages of getting an audition on X Factor. Blow me!

To help Gemms on her way, your favourite industry vagabonds got together to audition her 4 fav songs to find the one killer tune.
In the presence of tight-pants Cowell, sexy Cheryl, wispy Louie and the plastic one, Gemms sang her heart out whilst everyone else drank wine and ate orange corn-based snacks.

We can't reveal the winning song - you'll have to got through the pain of tuning in to ITV for that - but suffice to say, it's going to be a cracking performance

Happy Ninth Birthday to Us

Blimey! Who'd have thought it? We've only gone and made it to 9. Gosh and crikey.

There's been weird goings-on all day, with congos, Hattie wearing french sticks as extra arms and Mike only being able to talk through a megaphone

Just think, 9 years ago today two blokes sat down at a kitchen table, came up with a silly name and started to do some good work.

9 years later here's a few of the high (and low) points:

- from 2 people to 57 people
- 5 office moves
- 2 partners, 1 partner, 2 partners, 3 partners, then 4 partners
- the creation of Kream, an independent TV production company
- a lot of ping pong played
- a lot of ping pong lost
- promoting what became the highest ever watched TV shows on History Channel, Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel
- the most successful Nintendo UK advertising ever
- bird flu, swine flu and man flu all survived (so far)
- won the Naked football tournament
- frequent cross dressing
- losing our minds and our dignity in Berlin, Prague and the Tivola Hut
- making friends with Trinny and Susannah
- writing for BB2
- writing for David Cameron
- getting the Hoff's single to No.2 in the charts
- acquiring an agency mini convertable
- trashing an agency mini convertable
- getting a garden
- giving Craig a proper job
- bringing back sporting legends from the dead for Paddy Power
- finding a cure for bird flu with Pomegreat
- teaching Brits how to speak Amstel
- throwing parties that are still talked about years later
- keeping the Yorkshire Grey in business
- making Ben the industry's 3rd most beautiful person
- building a ping pong room in our basement
- letting a lot of people have a lot of sex with each other
- the partners never having any sex, either with each other or anyone else
- running about the crappist blog ever
- having a 'no wanker' hiring policy
- several births, a few marriages and no deaths that we're aware of
- more bikes per head than any other agency in the world other than a small agency in Argentina called 'El Biko'
- keeping Craig in a proper job
- being voted Sweden's second favourite agency (even though we're not in Sweden)
- making W14 sexy
- doing the world's first ever 3 channel hopping ad
- and just generally being about the nicest possible place you could ever want to work

And we hope to be here for a bit longer to add to this. Of course if anyone has any more high/lows to add please do

Clas Act

Yesterday some of the Clas Ohlson team attended the opening of their new store in the Arndale in Manchester. 
We were very excited to see Manchester plastered in Tom and Robin's wonderful advertisement hoardings.

We were delighted to hear the speeches from the Swedes - which were an object lesson in Karmarama type values - they really do good by their staff, hugging each member of the new store team and giving them all a little Swedish horse to welcome to the family. 

And most of all, we were gleeful to see a baying mob of new customers whipped up by Tom and Robin's good works, reportedly a much bigger crowd than Apple managed when they launched their new store previously.

But were unimpressed to see the Head of the Arndale Centre making off with one of the loss-leading offer items, having breakfasted with the nice people and drunk their coffee. Tut.