Friday, May 1, 2009

Clas Act

Yesterday some of the Clas Ohlson team attended the opening of their new store in the Arndale in Manchester. 
We were very excited to see Manchester plastered in Tom and Robin's wonderful advertisement hoardings.

We were delighted to hear the speeches from the Swedes - which were an object lesson in Karmarama type values - they really do good by their staff, hugging each member of the new store team and giving them all a little Swedish horse to welcome to the family. 

And most of all, we were gleeful to see a baying mob of new customers whipped up by Tom and Robin's good works, reportedly a much bigger crowd than Apple managed when they launched their new store previously.

But were unimpressed to see the Head of the Arndale Centre making off with one of the loss-leading offer items, having breakfasted with the nice people and drunk their coffee. Tut.