Monday, February 16, 2009

The Fastest Growing Agency in the Known World!

Lovely Hattie just reminded us all today that we had our Christmas 07 party at a restaurant where we all sat at tables inside a shed. Seriously. We were, quite literallllllllly, a shed-sized agency.

Just as we're preparing for an all agency meeting Hattie has now been hit by the startling prospect of NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND A ROOM BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US!

I'm not quite sure who sold their soul to who, but boy did it work. Hattie did a quick count up on the latest phone list showing that we now have 51 people! Bugger me sideways. Where did they all come from?

We'd like to take this moment to thank all those involved, especially Kate Winslett without whom none of this would have been possible.

A shed-sized agency? We believe we are now a community centre or maybe a church hall sized agency.

Nice work.

Great Breakfasts of The World No.1

As the first in an unlikely to be repeated series I'd like to introduce the Austria equivalent of the full English. As I was luxuriating in my Viennese hotel room awaiting the start of a top international meeting of top international people, room service arrived and with it this interesting little plate of oddness.

As you'll instantly see, a few of the time honoured rules of breakfasts have been breeched.

Firstly, there's veg on the side. And cold veg at that. As we all know the only permissible brekkie veg is tatties. And maybe tommies, but only if there are out of a tin and bear no resemblance to their origin.

Second, there's raw (I mean RAW!) cheese i there, and third, some ham stuff that really needs to see the inside of a frying pan.

But worst was to come: the egg cup had a hat on it.

Now call me old fashioned or stomp into my country of domicile and declare it your own, but are egg cups allowed to have a hat?

The whole thing had a charm all of its own and the egg and a not unpleasant rubbery texture that I enjoyed bouncing my spoon upon.

I consumed it with glee, washed my teeth, put my pants on and went to my meeting sated.

I hope my fellow Karma pals take up this fascinating journey into the global breakfast underground. But it's unlikely they will

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yeeha!! It's birthday season

Last week saw us celebrate a couple of Karma folk birthdays. Firstly, and most importantly (due to the special age) we celebrated Ben's on Tuesday with a bit of champagne. This was shortly followed by Tom's birthday bonanza on Friday with a bit of Carlsberg export and Diamond White!

With Tom's birthday rather luckily landing on a Friday mixed with the unusual choice of extraordinarily strong booze we headed to the ever dependable Yorkshire Grey to continue festivities. From there we staggered to The Social, and finally could be found holding each other up in the Spanish bar at the end of the night. There was the usual Dave speeches, generous presents, booze, cakes, candles, tears, laughter, petting-zoos*, bouncy castles* and the occasional tantrum**. But with hardly enough time to clean up the spilt jelly and ice cream off the carpet, patch up relationships and return left behind clothing we are doing it all again this Friday for the birthday of our very own digital guru Craig. This time it looks like we are heading to the no less dependable Bricklayers Arms...

* not really
** ask Craig

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Snowbeast

So, not many of us made it in today. But those that did had such fun.

Just look at our lovely snowbeast.

Unfortunately, we got a bit carried away, hence the censored sign.

Sorry to all our loyal readers for our juvie pranks.

You can download the uncensored version at