Monday, February 16, 2009

Great Breakfasts of The World No.1

As the first in an unlikely to be repeated series I'd like to introduce the Austria equivalent of the full English. As I was luxuriating in my Viennese hotel room awaiting the start of a top international meeting of top international people, room service arrived and with it this interesting little plate of oddness.

As you'll instantly see, a few of the time honoured rules of breakfasts have been breeched.

Firstly, there's veg on the side. And cold veg at that. As we all know the only permissible brekkie veg is tatties. And maybe tommies, but only if there are out of a tin and bear no resemblance to their origin.

Second, there's raw (I mean RAW!) cheese i there, and third, some ham stuff that really needs to see the inside of a frying pan.

But worst was to come: the egg cup had a hat on it.

Now call me old fashioned or stomp into my country of domicile and declare it your own, but are egg cups allowed to have a hat?

The whole thing had a charm all of its own and the egg and a not unpleasant rubbery texture that I enjoyed bouncing my spoon upon.

I consumed it with glee, washed my teeth, put my pants on and went to my meeting sated.

I hope my fellow Karma pals take up this fascinating journey into the global breakfast underground. But it's unlikely they will