Friday, May 7, 2010

Bad Karma In The Air

Just what the ruddy hell is going on?
What have we done wrong?
So far, Spring has been a dreadful bad karma month for your friendly neighbourhood creative do-dah company.
It started with Wayne being knocked off his bike.
Then Ray, the dark destroyer from the studio came a cropper when a white van man opened his door on him A shoulder gash and a smack to the head and a blood wagon journey ensued.
Then someone who keeps being referred to as 'that girl from Kream upstairs' was also knocked of her bike.
And then this!

A sign!
A big fat London pigeon flew, karma-kaze style, smack bang into our office window and dropped down on the floor brown-bread dead.
Now this is not good.
We shall be having a special service today for said pigeon and quietly slaughtering an innocent to appease those unhappy gods.
Please, no more.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hold On To Your Tea Mother, This One May Send You A Bit

Now it may be that the Karmablog is fast becoming a bit like the local A&E, but there do happen to be quite a number of accidents occurring to us lot as the moment - clearly a bit of bad karma is visiting.
Next to get a free ride in a blood wagon was antipodean Mitch who is enjoying life in our tranquil isle combining work at western Europe's most progressive communications company, DJ-ing and footy.
Unfortunately the latter all got a bit messy, Mitch had a collision, and the following piccies sort of set it out so words are not necessary...

Karmarama: Now A Proper Official Agency

When does an agency become a 'proper' agency? It's a good and chewy question?
Could it be when you reach over 50 people?
Could it be when you get an agency garage?
Could it be when you go on annual company ski trips?
Or could it be when your largest supplier is The Ivy?
Actually none of the above.
It just has to be when your agency gets its very own apple corer.
Yes, extraordinary I know. And bizarre. And a little bit wonderful and spooky.
This, by all accounts is one of our Clas Ohlson client's iconic products.
So that's why we've got it and that's why it's here.
If you have aspirations of being a proper agency too, you now know what to do.