Friday, May 7, 2010

Bad Karma In The Air

Just what the ruddy hell is going on?
What have we done wrong?
So far, Spring has been a dreadful bad karma month for your friendly neighbourhood creative do-dah company.
It started with Wayne being knocked off his bike.
Then Ray, the dark destroyer from the studio came a cropper when a white van man opened his door on him A shoulder gash and a smack to the head and a blood wagon journey ensued.
Then someone who keeps being referred to as 'that girl from Kream upstairs' was also knocked of her bike.
And then this!

A sign!
A big fat London pigeon flew, karma-kaze style, smack bang into our office window and dropped down on the floor brown-bread dead.
Now this is not good.
We shall be having a special service today for said pigeon and quietly slaughtering an innocent to appease those unhappy gods.
Please, no more.