Friday, December 21, 2007

We Told You So

As you know, kind reader, we sent out some rather deadly mince pies this Christmas, one of which was laced with extreme chili.
Well, it transpires that somebody at IMD, one of the unkowing recipients of these pies of death, consumed the dodgey one and promptly chundered in the office.
Get in.
With love from your friendly KarmaTerrorists

Bye Bye and Thanks For All The Fish

Well, that time has finally arrived and we're off to pastures new. In truth, Ben, Dave and Sid were not too sure whether they could be bothered and thought about winding the company up and going off to live in Canvy Island. But at the last moment a sudden rush of X-Factor style moody voting swayed their opinion, and Karamabananaharmana lives to fight another day.
So it's goodbye to Elsley Court in Great Titchfield St and hello to our new offices in Vernon St (check it out on its own website W14. 'W14!' I hear you say - 'are you insane?' Maybe so, but we don't care, so there.
Just to give you an idea of the difference, we're leaving this behind:

To move into this. Our own, brand spanking new building. Oh yes, do not underestimate the karma my friends - good things come to those who do the good, and we've been very good.

But we've also been very bad. Apparently Fallon will be moving in after us, so the boys and girls have been leaving a few cheeky pressies for the new arrivals in various odd, hard to fathom places. It's nice to think that we'll be leaving a little bit of ourselves behind.

Oh I Say! Another Newbie

Welcome all to Natalie, who joins creatives services to assist Black Rod and his iron fist. Creative Services is one of those functions where you're never quite sure what they do, until they don't do it and everything turns bananas. Nat joins us from Lowe Jo'Burg and JWT prior to that. She's much needed and very welcome and will help us get things done to time, so hopefully our clients will stay happy and we'll all enjoy the discipline. Lummy, this is all going a bit S&M

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Czech us out

To celebrate Chriscrimble we had a massive knees up in Prague. Yes! Prague! Well, its been a good year. And what's more we managed to make it all the way there AND all the way back without losing anyone. We can't say the same for our dignity, our brain cells or Sarah's coat. It was a brilliant laugh and what with tattoos for the boys and lashes for the girls, eating at the finest restaurant in Prague, drinking at the finest (ahem) cocktail bars and dancing at the most.. prestigious hook up joints in town, the theme of Eastern European Glamour was well maintained.
here's the evidence:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

We're Moving Home

And now, the end is near...
Yes, the inevitable has finally happened and we are being chucked out of our home at Karma Towers on December 24th.
What does this mean for adland's most intrepid pioneers of cutting-edge communications?
Well, we'll be homeless, that's what.
But not for long, as we have a nice new hoome to go to.
'Where?' you may ask.
Well, we 'aint going to tell you just yet in case the whole think jinxes.
But it will be more Karma Villas than Karam Towers.
Watch this space and all will be revealed.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cry Santa, Cry!

Well it's Chrimbo time again and the time of year when your pals at Karmarama bestow another bit of their genius on an unsuspecting public.
Each year we try to come up with the perfect way to celebrate the festive season and to send friends a little seasonal pressie.
Last year it was the much talked about and much chucked about woolen pom-pom snowballs which are now on display in the Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery. Possibly.
This year, we've gone a bit dark, a bit sinister, a bit surprising.
This year, it's Mince Pie Roulette.

The concept is simple: 6 tasty mince pie, one of which is infused with eye-wateringly and buttock-clenchingly strong chili sauce.
Oh yes my friend, this year there will be tears at Christmas.
Karma Towers has transformed itself into a hive of activity.
We've got Monty and Ray on filling duty.

Notice the precision with the syringe. That Babyshambles bloke would be proud. Incidentally, you would not believe how difficult it is to get hold of syringes nowadays.
This is the plutonium-grade chili sauce madness that's going in.

These are the finished pies.

Here's the packs ready to be assembled by our state of the art packing machine.

Here's our state of the art packing machine. She's called Lou and she's a professional. Watch it.

And then here's the little fellas all done and ready to be mailed out and cause havoc on the streets of Britain.

Ha ha ha ha! Or should that be Ho ho ho ho!