Friday, December 21, 2007

Bye Bye and Thanks For All The Fish

Well, that time has finally arrived and we're off to pastures new. In truth, Ben, Dave and Sid were not too sure whether they could be bothered and thought about winding the company up and going off to live in Canvy Island. But at the last moment a sudden rush of X-Factor style moody voting swayed their opinion, and Karamabananaharmana lives to fight another day.
So it's goodbye to Elsley Court in Great Titchfield St and hello to our new offices in Vernon St (check it out on its own website W14. 'W14!' I hear you say - 'are you insane?' Maybe so, but we don't care, so there.
Just to give you an idea of the difference, we're leaving this behind:

To move into this. Our own, brand spanking new building. Oh yes, do not underestimate the karma my friends - good things come to those who do the good, and we've been very good.

But we've also been very bad. Apparently Fallon will be moving in after us, so the boys and girls have been leaving a few cheeky pressies for the new arrivals in various odd, hard to fathom places. It's nice to think that we'll be leaving a little bit of ourselves behind.