Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cry Santa, Cry!

Well it's Chrimbo time again and the time of year when your pals at Karmarama bestow another bit of their genius on an unsuspecting public.
Each year we try to come up with the perfect way to celebrate the festive season and to send friends a little seasonal pressie.
Last year it was the much talked about and much chucked about woolen pom-pom snowballs which are now on display in the Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery. Possibly.
This year, we've gone a bit dark, a bit sinister, a bit surprising.
This year, it's Mince Pie Roulette.

The concept is simple: 6 tasty mince pie, one of which is infused with eye-wateringly and buttock-clenchingly strong chili sauce.
Oh yes my friend, this year there will be tears at Christmas.
Karma Towers has transformed itself into a hive of activity.
We've got Monty and Ray on filling duty.

Notice the precision with the syringe. That Babyshambles bloke would be proud. Incidentally, you would not believe how difficult it is to get hold of syringes nowadays.
This is the plutonium-grade chili sauce madness that's going in.

These are the finished pies.

Here's the packs ready to be assembled by our state of the art packing machine.

Here's our state of the art packing machine. She's called Lou and she's a professional. Watch it.

And then here's the little fellas all done and ready to be mailed out and cause havoc on the streets of Britain.

Ha ha ha ha! Or should that be Ho ho ho ho!