Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vacancy: Runner Wanted

Do you have what it takes to work in the cut and thrust of one of the ad industry's most talked about companies?
Have you got stamina, intelligence and some form of genetic enhancement that makes you really good in a fight?
If so, perhaps you could be the Runner we need at Karmarama.
Runners at Karmarama make things happen. They help out in sorts of areas, do deliveries, take on their own projects, be handy to have around during pitches, and keep the good ship HMS Karma cruising steady.
It's a brilliant opportunity for someone who wants to get firsthand (as opposed to secondhand - how would that work?) experience of working in the ad industry.
The role is for a year, you'll get enough money to buy clothes, beer and on-line junk, and you'll join our happy family.
So if you are interested, drop Louise and email at with your details, why you think you could be the chosen one, and what your favourite fancy dress outfit is and why.
The only downside is that Karmarama is not an equal opportunities employer. Sorry, we don't employ wankers. So if you're male, female or undecided, able bodied, disabled or just a bit unfit, a school leaver or a granny, even a scientologist, get in touch today. But make sure you're nice.