Friday, November 23, 2007

Poster Boys (and Girls)

People don't talk about posters as much as TV but what with being a purveyor of iconic print media and a hothouse of quality effective advertisements, we are quite fond of them. This week has been full of outdoorsy news:
The fabulous posters for our friends at Smart LPG (a liquid petroleum gas fuelled smart car, congestion charge free and cheap to run) have hit the streets of London, courtesy of our friends at Jack Liberties:

At the same time we have been seeing some great figures on the latest Ice Road Truckers series on The History Channel. The Official jury's out, but we are so proud of our posters, press and online campaign for this series, that we reckon they might well have something to do with it... You can play with the MPU here,
which is ACES, and see the 48s all over town. Most importantly, watch it, on the History Channel. It's kind of butch, but gripping nonetheless.