Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Damn, Damn and Damn Again

Just when you think you are on the verge of a scientific breakthrough involving rotting fruit (you'll recall kind reader that we have been observing the slow rot of a satsuma and a digestive biscuit)

Well, it transpires (good word, wonder if it originates from the world of botany and plant transpiration - could be) that our satsuma has a somewhat older brother - older by a stonking 116 years. Crikey.

Still, we shall continue undeterred. A quick update for you: the satsuma is now near weightless having somehow been consumed from the inside out. It's what you'd call a husk I suppose. I asked Fernly, one of our more fearless (and peerless) planners to heft it, but she'd only do it with the protection of a copy of The Guardian.

Still, you can just about work out that she 'aint expending much energy in the heft, hence proving it's lightness. Sort of.