Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dave's brother Stone

Found a stone that looks a bit like Dave- turns out its his brother Stone Buonaguidi.

Look-a-like Thursdays

Over the past year or so a file on Desmond Douglas (that's our internal server not just the legendary 14 times English Table Tennis champion) has emerged with a whole bank of look-a-likes of Karmarama employees. It is very entertaining viewing (probably just for us) but either way I thought I would share a few.

First up- Tom and Robin

Nothing like a good email

Ann, general legend of Karmarama and organiser of everything from nights out, meeting room lunches to partners is quite deft with the old keyboard. Her emails tend not to go unnoticed whether its news of a new hiring or a slap on the wrists for the state of the kitchen. Here's her update on the colour printer.

'Just fielded a call from our copier engineers. I'm afraid the colour
printer on the 1st floor will be out until at least next Monday midday
as the part that's needed is apparently a mythical creature which has
to be hunted down by the an Argonaut in return for the hand of the
Princess Hypsipyle whilst being interfered with by the Gods Zeus &
Hera. Or something'.

Ann x

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

It's not often we get serious here at Bramarama.

We're usually too busy discussing hem lines, heel length, cowboy shirts and bicycles.
But every now and then something catches our attention and makes us SO MAD IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
In today's papers there's a story about that company of filth merchants, more commonly know as McTwats, and the latest example of the good people of the US selling their soul to the corporate devil.

We're told that various news programmes are now carrying product placement by the gayly painty-faced satan. Amazingly, this takes the form of two cups of branded iced-coffee in front of the presenters. And get this: the coffees are never drunk because they don't actually contain any coffee, but some liquid designed to look like coffee.
It is just us? What part of these sentences can in any sane world be right? On a news programme, where you expect to be told the truth (naive of us we know), a company is ambushing you with its product, and the product isn't even real!

Now look, let's take a breath here.
There are a lot of people out there who either despise this great communication industry of ours or, God forbid, are seriously thinking about pursuing a career in it. What sort of message is this extraordinary conceit telling them?
Is it any wonder that, when we're all chucked into the great inferno afterlife for having too much sex outside marriage and visiting naughty websites, ad people or the types that came up with this idea will be at the bottom of the shitheap.
Please, stop this madness now. Don't let it happen in this once great isle of Blighty.
And if you do get a chance, when you are next passing your local McWanks, tell them what you really think of their invasive communication techniques, preferably with a large hammer and a scream.
Nuff said. Now back to some silly shit.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Man Friday

Today is and was Man Friday.
Next Friday will be Girl Friday, Dog Friday, Hair Friday or something similar.
As a result of Man Friday we needed some manly sustenance.
In this instance there is only one option.
We packed off a couple of likely lads to the local and they returned with more meaty bounty than we could ever have imagained.

Now I know there are some new age companies out there that will be tucking into some mung bean risotto whilst discussing the implications of social networking on their client's brand advocacy levels, but we just wanted to eat meat and talk about Jodie Marsh's new boob job.
Thus we feasted upon chicken, ribs, pulled pork, chips, beans and a hilarious attempt to get us to eat coleslaw.

Off we shuffled to the four corners of KarmaKube to scoff and natter.

And then it was gone.

This, people, is what life is about, so bleedin' live it.

The K Word

We've all gone a bit giddy with excitement here at KarmaKrackers.
Fern has only gone and found a gizmo that boils eggs IN THE MICROWAVE!
Which means, quick as a flash, we sent a search party out to the local Tescos to buy some egg cups.
And they found probably the best egg cups in the world: Solid metal (ish) Father's Days cups, only 4 weeks out of date, for 50p!
What a bargain.

So now, the worst equipped kitchen in adland, as well as being able to make unfeasably large amounts of toast, can now make boiled eggs.

There truly is a God.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Website Of The Week: Fish School

Fish School

Extraordinary. What the internet, fish and bits of brightly coloured plastic were invented for.

Thanks to Gemma and Lisa.

Girls, I know you've got a proper job here now and all, but a bit less time spent fannying around silly internet sites and a bit more time mining for Karma gold would be appreciated.

It can't be can it?

Can rollerblading really be popping its ugly face up for one last roll across the streets? We like to keep an eye on what's going on from time to time and dare we mention it but we have noticed a few more 'sk8rs' rolling around. Be afraid.

Stunning Result: Karmarama Win Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer Prize, An Olympic Gold Medal AND the Ad Account For Every Brand On Earth!

Lummy, what a week it's been. To say we're slightly chuffed is an understatement.
A quite extraordinary run of wins has seen your cuddly old Karmarama sieze just about every major prize there possibly can be.
Plus we now do the advertising for every single brand on Earth.
Clearly there will be a couple of staffing issues, but I think we'll cope by taking on a couple of grads.
Thanks to all those who supported us.

*Oh, by the way. These wins are completely fabricated. But seeing as there a a number of newspapers and magazines that appear to read our blog and print our stories in their dreadfully tired and old-fashioned paper and ink manner, we thought we'd see just how gullible they can be. Because of course, if it's printed in a blog then it must be true surely. Pity the poor journalist if it isn't though....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Craig has a brother

Found a stone in the garden that looked a bit like Craig's brother (if he had one).

Brother stone


Ping-Pong and Wrestling masks!

Extraordinary stuff found this morning on the West London-wide web.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ping-Pong Rehab

We use ping-pong for all sorts of things here- sweating off a hangover, settling arguments, hiding from colleagues, avoiding our desks, running off lunch, working up a thirst for the pub and combating extremism.

When Enough Is Enough

We're not afraid of a bit of homoerotic dressing at your liberal Karmafunk. And with so many cyclists here, there can often be an overwhelming amount of skintight gortex and men's technical wear on display.
But there comes a time when the balance tips towards the plain preposterous (what a great word - don't think I've ever written that before).
You make your own mind up, but here's Ben in his latest getup with a most extraordinary new pair of what Gap would call 'girl's capri pants' but what I'm sure the shop Ben bought them from described as 'urban cyclist's utility wear with cutting edge design and a technical fibre matrix'.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One Day A Rain Will Come To Wash All This Filth Off The Streets

Yes, the nicest techno ad agency in the world has had a few run ins with the lesser mortals of wonderful species, namely thief filth.

It started last week when some dirty pikey stole lovely Shiv's bike (it must have been just about the most cumbersome steal imaginable what with it being a rather clunky folding mountain bike, but they nicked it anyways), and then last night vigilante Dave had an encounter with a suspicious Wembley baggy boy in the garage.

Now for those of you who know Dave will know that he is both the nicest bloke you will ever meet, and also the most terrifying. If you are a Guardian reader you may recall they printed his story in their Saturday magazine detailing how he scalped a would be burglar with a shovel. Since then Dave has been living somewhat on the edge, like a slightly younger and less creased looking Charles Bronson, looking for trouble and dealing with it.

Over the weekend he caught a couple of snots trying to steal some bikes near where he plays football. So Dave locked them in one of the pitches. Given that the walls have a 15 metre high perimeter, they could well still be there. Then Monday evening comes by. Dave, following a hard day of being a creative genius and getting to the hardest level of Medal of Honour, discovers said Wembley boy in our unlocked garage trying to get into our company mini.

When challenged by Dave (who may have been sharpening a meat cleaver at the time, but maybe not) the little tike said 'I'm looking for me dog innit'.

Dave (who may have been cutting his naked forearm with a a razor sharp filleting knife as he spoke) strongly encouraged the young rascal to leave our premises immediately. As the young man left the building Dave felt compelled to help him on his way with a polite little slap.

OK, it may not have been a polite slap, maybe it was a wee bit more enthusiastic than that. So, it looks like we'll be under siege soon for the massed ranks of the pikey massive.

We'll keep our heads down but if you are nipping out west to see us, bring a weapon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

See you later drinks for Will and Aaron

Will and Aaron (above) playing cider hands at The Enterprise. Its when you tape alcohol to your hands preventing you from doing anything else but drink. It is an efficient game for stopping people smoking, going to the toilet, buying drinks, over using hand expressions when talking and getting people so drunk they wear red hats for the whole night and dance like Freddie Mercury.

Friday, July 4, 2008

More Shed Madness | Vote now for Shed of the year 2008 | National Shed Week - July 7th 2008

Continuing our shed theme, this may well be the site to end all sites. Plus it's got a shedblog. Wonderful.

Is This A Good Look?

He's a top bloke, a good creative and someone we all want to spend time with.
And when you have such an amazing garden as we do over here at Karma Ground Zero, it's understandable that you want to kick back, relax and wear some fashionable eyewear to protect your beady little ones from the sun's harmful rays.
But somehow I'm not convinced about Robin's latest look. it could be the lad's seafaring features don't naturally suit a terrifyingly on-trend set of specs.
Or it could be that it's just all a bit sinister.
So, I'm posting this piccie and putting it out there for all 3 of our regular readers to vote on.
Or Miss?
You decide.

Our favourite advert and website this year

Robin came across this this morning and it won't leave our minds.
If you know the creative who made this advert (we suspect (s)he lives in Rainham) could you put them in touch with us please?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Blimey!

Bad news at Karma Mansion: the boys downstairs in the edit suites have discovered some unwanted friends scurrying around in the dark. Not-nice-at-all. Dave wants to hire them and give them a desk with the rest of the creatives, but we're going to send in Rent-A-Killa to sort them out. If anyone knows a humane way to get rid of them, keep it to yourself, we're going for shock and awe

Have You Got The iTunes Bottle?

You know those M&S ads that look really nice, have won lots of awards but, oddly, have driven the business into the ground (funny this industry of ours, isn't it?), well this itunes picture is a bit like that.
This is no ordinary itunes. No, this is the current playlist booming out of our speakers at East Anglia's 3rd favourite agency network.
Everyone here gets to man the digital decks and play their own flavas (I'm just so down with the kids with all my hip street lingo, innit).
Now, good idea in principle, a bit daunting and slightly buttock-clenching in truth as your own particular DJ-ing can come in for a fair bit of criticism.
Oft are heard the words "I'm sorry, but just who is on the bloody decks and will they kindly go home early".
Each agency character has their own preferred style, with Fern taking us on her occasional psychedelic rambles, Hattie giving us a bit of Turkish folk insight and Team Australia taking us on a magical mystery tour down-under and back again (whether we like it or not).
Currently McGrath is doing the spinning. He tends to do it early before the youngsters arrive for fear of public ridicule.
We'll ask Digi Craig if there's a way we can show you all what's currently playing on our blog. Call it our musical Twitter, or Mitter. what a great idea. Can I flog this to Microsoft and retire please?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will and Aaron's leaving drinks

It's ending where it all began... The Enterprise, Chalk Farm. Tomorrow night.

Join the Kaumanauts

We found these nice little cars on the interweb the other day (here is one outside our office). Not only do we like their cars but they too replace all their C's with the better looking K. And unlike Addisson Lee it seems they have taken a lot of thought into helping you navigate the journey of life. Here is their Karma Story for proof-

"Karma Kars is the koncept of lifestyle guru T obias Moss.The guiding philosophy of Karma Kars is the T aiost beleif that "the journey is more important than the arrival". The fleet of the famed 'Ambassador' Kars have been lovingly styled to T obias's ethical principles of kraftmanship. Join him and his karmanauts in navigating the journey of life".

Not sure how reliable they are though...

We know its been a while and we are are sorry, truly sorry. Especially to the seven subscribers we have, so hear is seven personal apologies- Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry.

We don't have one excuse so here are a few- We have been very, very busy creating ground breaking work. We've been on holiday. We've just been ignoring the blog. We've been playing table tennis. We've been at Glastonbury. We've been saving the world. We've all been in The Priory. It takes us 3 weeks to commute to and from West London each time. We have moved to Miami.

Anyway we are back. hello again.