Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have You Got The iTunes Bottle?

You know those M&S ads that look really nice, have won lots of awards but, oddly, have driven the business into the ground (funny this industry of ours, isn't it?), well this itunes picture is a bit like that.
This is no ordinary itunes. No, this is the current playlist booming out of our speakers at East Anglia's 3rd favourite agency network.
Everyone here gets to man the digital decks and play their own flavas (I'm just so down with the kids with all my hip street lingo, innit).
Now, good idea in principle, a bit daunting and slightly buttock-clenching in truth as your own particular DJ-ing can come in for a fair bit of criticism.
Oft are heard the words "I'm sorry, but just who is on the bloody decks and will they kindly go home early".
Each agency character has their own preferred style, with Fern taking us on her occasional psychedelic rambles, Hattie giving us a bit of Turkish folk insight and Team Australia taking us on a magical mystery tour down-under and back again (whether we like it or not).
Currently McGrath is doing the spinning. He tends to do it early before the youngsters arrive for fear of public ridicule.
We'll ask Digi Craig if there's a way we can show you all what's currently playing on our blog. Call it our musical Twitter, or Mitter. what a great idea. Can I flog this to Microsoft and retire please?