Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

It's not often we get serious here at Bramarama.

We're usually too busy discussing hem lines, heel length, cowboy shirts and bicycles.
But every now and then something catches our attention and makes us SO MAD IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
In today's papers there's a story about that company of filth merchants, more commonly know as McTwats, and the latest example of the good people of the US selling their soul to the corporate devil.

We're told that various news programmes are now carrying product placement by the gayly painty-faced satan. Amazingly, this takes the form of two cups of branded iced-coffee in front of the presenters. And get this: the coffees are never drunk because they don't actually contain any coffee, but some liquid designed to look like coffee.
It is just us? What part of these sentences can in any sane world be right? On a news programme, where you expect to be told the truth (naive of us we know), a company is ambushing you with its product, and the product isn't even real!

Now look, let's take a breath here.
There are a lot of people out there who either despise this great communication industry of ours or, God forbid, are seriously thinking about pursuing a career in it. What sort of message is this extraordinary conceit telling them?
Is it any wonder that, when we're all chucked into the great inferno afterlife for having too much sex outside marriage and visiting naughty websites, ad people or the types that came up with this idea will be at the bottom of the shitheap.
Please, stop this madness now. Don't let it happen in this once great isle of Blighty.
And if you do get a chance, when you are next passing your local McWanks, tell them what you really think of their invasive communication techniques, preferably with a large hammer and a scream.
Nuff said. Now back to some silly shit.