Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stunning Result: Karmarama Win Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer Prize, An Olympic Gold Medal AND the Ad Account For Every Brand On Earth!

Lummy, what a week it's been. To say we're slightly chuffed is an understatement.
A quite extraordinary run of wins has seen your cuddly old Karmarama sieze just about every major prize there possibly can be.
Plus we now do the advertising for every single brand on Earth.
Clearly there will be a couple of staffing issues, but I think we'll cope by taking on a couple of grads.
Thanks to all those who supported us.

*Oh, by the way. These wins are completely fabricated. But seeing as there a a number of newspapers and magazines that appear to read our blog and print our stories in their dreadfully tired and old-fashioned paper and ink manner, we thought we'd see just how gullible they can be. Because of course, if it's printed in a blog then it must be true surely. Pity the poor journalist if it isn't though....