Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Ninth Birthday to Us

Blimey! Who'd have thought it? We've only gone and made it to 9. Gosh and crikey.

There's been weird goings-on all day, with congos, Hattie wearing french sticks as extra arms and Mike only being able to talk through a megaphone

Just think, 9 years ago today two blokes sat down at a kitchen table, came up with a silly name and started to do some good work.

9 years later here's a few of the high (and low) points:

- from 2 people to 57 people
- 5 office moves
- 2 partners, 1 partner, 2 partners, 3 partners, then 4 partners
- the creation of Kream, an independent TV production company
- a lot of ping pong played
- a lot of ping pong lost
- promoting what became the highest ever watched TV shows on History Channel, Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel
- the most successful Nintendo UK advertising ever
- bird flu, swine flu and man flu all survived (so far)
- won the Naked football tournament
- frequent cross dressing
- losing our minds and our dignity in Berlin, Prague and the Tivola Hut
- making friends with Trinny and Susannah
- writing for BB2
- writing for David Cameron
- getting the Hoff's single to No.2 in the charts
- acquiring an agency mini convertable
- trashing an agency mini convertable
- getting a garden
- giving Craig a proper job
- bringing back sporting legends from the dead for Paddy Power
- finding a cure for bird flu with Pomegreat
- teaching Brits how to speak Amstel
- throwing parties that are still talked about years later
- keeping the Yorkshire Grey in business
- making Ben the industry's 3rd most beautiful person
- building a ping pong room in our basement
- letting a lot of people have a lot of sex with each other
- the partners never having any sex, either with each other or anyone else
- running about the crappist blog ever
- having a 'no wanker' hiring policy
- several births, a few marriages and no deaths that we're aware of
- more bikes per head than any other agency in the world other than a small agency in Argentina called 'El Biko'
- keeping Craig in a proper job
- being voted Sweden's second favourite agency (even though we're not in Sweden)
- making W14 sexy
- doing the world's first ever 3 channel hopping ad
- and just generally being about the nicest possible place you could ever want to work

And we hope to be here for a bit longer to add to this. Of course if anyone has any more high/lows to add please do