Thursday, September 18, 2008

Colmans week actually continues... Day 4!

We have a bit of a habit here that as soon as we do something even remotely enjoyable at work we try and make sure that we do it again. As a result, you may have noticed that we are quite fond of proudly declaring that days of the week should be named after such events happening. A process which is simply there to remind ourselves to partake the following week in said fun. For instance in the past we have had Dapper Thursdays, KFC Friday's, Look-a-like Thursdays, Tash Tuesdays, Chippie Thursdays, BBQ Friday's and Meat day (which infact could be any day). Some stand the test of time others don't...

But today saw the revolution that is Colmans week continue into day 4!

Yesterday saw Hattie cook a brilliant Sausage hotpot.

And today it was just like being in 'trendy' Brick Lane with head chef Sidnii Mecgrat (pictured) putting the apron on and rustling up a 'f*ck me thats good' chicken curry.