Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Little Bit of Bling And A Little Bit of Pong

Last week saw the annual Karmarama Ping Pong Open where we invite all comers to sample our hospitality and Amstel beer, and then play to the death on the merciless agency ping pong table.

Actually, it's not to the death. It's for the coveted Bling Pong bat. And everyone wants it.

The evening rocked along to tunes by the Cherrystones as people gathered, drank, played, humiliated themselves, had indecent conversations and generally had a right royal knees up.

Compared by our one and only Davey B, the finalists were Ray 'The Quiet Hitman' Lee and last year's winner Mark 'The Terminator' Dawson. Despite nifty moves by the studio guru, the outcome was inevitable as Dawson ramped his game up a level, hitched up his strides, and played like an absolute demon.

Once again the agency lose the coveted Bling Pong Bat to an outsider, but Mark's welcome to it as it ensures we get a bit of class at next year's gathering.

Thanks to all all came along and we'll see you next year for more backspin madness