Monday, February 8, 2010

Time To Bragg?

See what I've done there? The picture, and the line, and the story? Oh whatever.
So, we don't, no we DON'T like to brag here (and it's not that we don't have much to brag about, it's just that we're all sincere and stuff), but I thought I just HAD to show off this quite remarkable stat from TNS Mercury who have recently evaluated over 280 TV ads from 2009 to discover that our campaign for Nintendo Wii and DS was the second most effective campaign of the year.
Quite extraordinary really, especially as we lost out on the top spot to Dettol, which was a swine flu campaign so a pretty important topic.

Having spoke to the terribly nice fellow at TNS, he said that the Nintendo campaign scored amazingly highly on engagement, recall and motivation to buy. Lordy, there was us thinking we were just banging out a few good ads and all of a sudden we know what we're doing.
BUT's nice for the work to be recognised seeing as we don't enter creative awards and have never entered any form of effectiveness paper (although some people here really REALLY want us to but it's all such a bore and let's be honest, I mean REALLY honest for a moment, we all know that the argument is always post-raionalised and the figures have a bit of a Swedish massage).
So there you have it. KarmaBrama: nice people, working hard, playing ping pong and producing good work that really does work. Hurrah!