Friday, January 27, 2012

The way to a Karmaraman's heart......

Karmarama are a pretty spritely bunch. For those of you who have met us, often there is some kind of treat hanging around the office be it homemade, from the local Tesco's or brought back from holiday (if you've not met us this happens pretty much all the time). But today was a day very close to my heart.

Today was not only Meat Friday but it will also now be named "The day we were given cheese bigger than our heads" (this will not be entered into the Guiness book of records, nor will it feature on wikipedia - but believe me no Karmaraman will ever forget it).

Now I know what you're thinking - surely this is creative license being used to elaborate on a rather large piece of cheese, well we don't lie about cheese here (that would be a cruel thing to do) so Gemma's head is proof of our truthfulness!

I would like to point out now that no large mounds of cheese or heads were damaged in the creation of this photo, but bellies are definitely full and warm with the dairy goodness that topped off another top notch meat friday. Three cheers all round!