Monday, January 19, 2009

The Karmarama- The sleepy hippies of Startopia

Dave will correct me on this, but I believe when a journalist googled Karmarama after seeing the Make tea not war poster on the anti-war march, he came across the Karmaramans of Startopia before us. He consequently, in his article attributed the source of the poster to the online hippie commune.

Wikipedia says, StarTopia is a computer game from Mucky Foot Productions and published by Eidos in 2001, in which the player administrates various space stations with the task of developing them into popular hubs. (We don't understand either!).

What we do know is that The Karmarama are a happy-go-lucky bunch who have a love of farming that supersedes all but their passion for catching Z's. They have four arms (like us), purple, dread-locks and work exclusively as farmers and environmentalists on the game, turning empty fields into verdant forests.

Its seems the Karmarama of Startopia are a nice bunch. Whats more they are peace-loving and laid back. They groove in time with the Sirens, and eat and sleep a lot more than other species.

They're actually a lot like us.