Monday, January 12, 2009

Karmarama's of the world

You would think that due to how insanely difficult and annoying it is to spell out Karmarmaama over the phone to people, that very few others would decide that Karmarama would make a great name for their company.

Behold though, there are many other Karmarama's of the world. And it made us realise that many (actually not that many!) of you may well be reading this blog in the belief these are stories about a jewellery stand in High Street Kensington tube station, a French restaurant and spa band, the blog for the Irish band Picture House's latest album, a cafe in Brent, a flavour of fruit juice in Australia, a clothes shop in Australia or a happy go lucky bunch of farmers on the game Startopia. So, we apologise for the confusion and just to clear things up, this week we are going to talk about all the other Karmarama's of this world. Enjoy.